Sirasa Satana with Sarath Fonseka & Supporting leaders

Special Satana Political Program with General Sarath Fonseka, Ranil Wickremesinghe, Tilvin Silva, Mangala Samaraweera, Rauff Hakeem & Mano Ganeshan.

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Live Telecast on Sirasa TV from 9.30pm onwards


9 thoughts on “Sirasa Satana with Sarath Fonseka & Supporting leaders

  1. Hon. Ranil being the gentleman that he is, won’t divulge details of MR-Prabha pact.
    Because Rajapakses are Sri Lankans too.
    Kids will never get named Mahinda again if the details come out.
    They will be infamous. Hitler, Pol-pot, Idi Amin and Rajapakse. Impressive line-up huh?

  2. Mahinda rajapaksha is a greatest president in the world. as he told he done lots of things. specially war. what do u think if sarath fonseka was not won the war. all the people against with mahinha rajapaksha. but think as a human, i never say he corrupted money. but he made the srilanka in the good place. i never say that sarath fonseka is a bad person. he is a genius. but more soldiers told sarath fonseka treat them like a dog. i dont know its true or not, but think if he want to become as a president, why he talking rubbish words in stages, from the 1977, there are 4 or 5 president in srilanka. no presidents are talks rubbish words in stages.
    my dear srilankan people dont go what sarath fonseka says, he told once he increase salary by 10000. he if do like that, do u know that 10 lakshs lost their jobs in the government fields. do u know the history of sf???? i hope u knew the history of mahinda rajapaksha. is there any experience to sarath fonseka. he havent any ideas of future. dont think i am mahinda rajapaksha’s candidate. i am not like that. i am really srilankan and i really love my country. i am against with unjustifiable.
    think once, what kind of people around sarath fonseka?? all are trying to eat our country. the people who’s around with sarath fonseka, they told we can’t won the war. but as a three divions of army, navy and airforce all are helps to won the war, then why sarath fonseka takes the benifits of what he have done in the war, i dont know who is right or who is wrong??? you can lots of things if u go to trinco. what a nice place is there. i asked from people in srilanka. which person are you going to vote in presidental election????? 52% says sarath fonseka,48% for mahinda rajapaksha. then i asked why are you voting to sarath fonseka? many people said they want change. but nobody remember what happen to our country 10 months ago. i 100 present agree with what prabhakaran said. what he told, srilankan people forget everything with in 2 weeks if bomb blasting. this result shows that it is true. people forget what mahinda rajapaksha have done to our country. expecting a dromatic change, but have we forgotton the changes that has taken place 10 months back.

    i am really sad, what kind of people who is in srilanka. they forget their humanity. specially sinhala people. once anagarika darmapala told in 1912, sinhala people are betraying other sinhalese. like today, sarath fonseka betrays soldiers in srilanka.
    Every people have a weakness. i hope that people who see this article, want some changes in our country. what kind of changes do u need? we want to see bright future for us and our children. thats my idea. 10 months back we are scared to go outside. because of bomb blasts. now we have freedom country.
    now in this freedom country we have to take another decision. that is presidental elecltion.
    i the writer of this article is not advicing you to vote for so and so. it is your decision & your rights. so choose wisely and vote.

    but we all should know that our decision will be result, future of us and our children.

    specially there are 2 candidates. one has 40 years of experience in politics. other one has 40 days of experice in politics. UNP told sarath fonseka can’t won the war. but he won,helping by navy and airforce. soldiers are sacrifice their life for the war. then why does sarath fonseka be with people who said that he can’t won the war. there are lots of questions that i might to ask. but i keep silent. because we are waiting for the results of presidental election.

    comment me what your ideas of this article

    1. What a waste of time spent to write this story. I didn’t read the content but assuming this could be rubbish and fabrications. You cannot or not required to write volumes to tell a truth.

    2. dear gehan a commander in chief is unable to control his own members of the party and cabinet and he cant control the forces under him and get them to stop these petty violences at an election time……is he fit enough to be the leader of a country? NO NO NOWAY….just dont waste yours and other peoples’ time by writing nonsense…

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