Big crowd of General’s Galle rally, Jan 23

Bookmark Big crowd of General’s Galle rally, Jan 23

This is the Big crowd of the General Sarath Fonseka’s Final rally in Galle, 23rd of January.

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22 thoughts on “Big crowd of General’s Galle rally, Jan 23

      1. Oh! You then say MR is one of them. Although from Medamulana he had his education in Galle so did his elder brother. I am proxy to that. They are very much Galle Boys including his father and uncle. When you lash out be careful for you too can get lashed.
        Best Wishes

  1. the beauty is..there was a MRs rally in galle at the same all the CTB buses were used to move crowd to it..and this rally was attended by ppls free will..with their means of transport!!! Yes i agree, chandrikas rally has at most half of the crowd shown here. The crowd was jam packed in the park to the left of the photos!!

    1. Which year, you were born ?

      The largest crowd in Galle gathered, when late Lucky Wijerathne’s funeral in 1992 (few laks)

      The least crowd was in the city when 1989 December 3rd, When UNP leaders (late M.S Amarasiri) and the sl army had a a billa in town centre and took 18 college students away.

      Do we know what happen to them.
      why should we bother, a glass of alkohol, some promise of money and jobs will forget every thing

      SAD nation!

  2. I attended the rally, and there were lot of general public rallied like me.I went there to see what SF says about the plans, and to understand the ground reality.

    I think after 26th This web site can be closed and Danuna can head back to US.

  3. MR did something any one couldn’t do for last 30 years and he should win easily and it is our responsibility.
    It is so sad to see it go on this way. This much of fight and violence. Though MR win by lesser margin than Chandrika. Compare what mahinda vs chandrika and what they did. compare with other presidents. I had voting right for last 20 years, but never vote anyone. sri lanka given those useless people 2nd term without a fight and today cunning sri lankans who don’t have any gratitude or open and free mind they just forget everything. I had a great feeling about sri lankans and as a sri lankan.I don’t see i can be proud today. It is a shame. Sinhalese are very selfish.They just ready to do anything for money and power.Shameless people. Shameless race. It is just 7 months. War victory should have approved by the people of the country by supporting MR with huge majority. It should have shown that sri lankan are clear and unite. We all approve we are the greatest. But it is shame to see the way people thinking. their mind set. This should have not decided from Tamil votes. that is why i say some fools have drag this to put down the fame of war victory and freedom

  4. I am sad that Sri Lankans are real modayas who can be very gullible to fall to the Corrupted Political leaders. A packet of lunch and a glass of arrack can do a trick to win a vote. Its also sad we don’t have dedicated leaders who we can be proud of giving their commitment, effort and time to towards their motherland. You can see to yourself when you look at the present or past minister how the looked at the time when they were elected and then after a few years they become fat like pigs in a farm. Can you name a leader in our country who had sacrificed their wealth towards the development of the village, town or country. Have you heard about any politician who can proudly be called philantropist. I don’t know but I know all our great leaders were bloody rogues who helped themselves or helped their families and friends. I think we need a change before its too late.

    1. Mohomed,

      You are like hero of indian cinama. If you are measuring the good or bad with the size or wealth of the politico it is utter foolish stance.

      Don’t bind in to hypothetical issues or dreams. Be realistic. If you try to find 100% clean and pure people, it will be a dream. if you can find 5 of them. it will be great. Our society is corrupt from the beginning. no one is doing what they should do. doctors teachers and all others same. think how many wrong things you do a day. people are not disciplined and no manners at all.

      SF case is too dangerous to even imagine. he is a devil in army.You can check from army personals.He never understand any human values. Person is just a object and killing anyone is just a simple case for him.his behavior was good for war as he have no hart to frustrate over death of his fellow soldiers.SF never felt sorry over 1600 death in muhamale and it was just another day for him. He never took it as his mistake. I do not know how is he going to change from that attitude. in politics he will have to change and change a lot. For me it is too risky to put SF in top post with such power.So i want to see SF defeated and would like to see him parliament and can see how he will perform. TO defeat SF we have to Vote MR.

  5. YES we all need to do our best to kick this corrupted MR & family out…. kick there ass…
    i am sure SF will do it in style….
    i can wait for this day..
    GALL proved all

  6. Well said Mohamed

    Sri Lanka type of politics is called “badagostharawadaya”

    Would even sell any thing for stupid and narrow gains

  7. Dear Sri lanken citizens,This is the time We want to think and select our new president.Some body not thing about person who can develop our country. So please choose a right person. Who will develop the country for our briht future.So think twice and go the polling station early morning on 26th.

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