Navy truck arrested with ballet boxes

Bookmark Navy truck arrested with ballet boxes

Navy truck carrying 80 ballet boxes & Mud posters being arrested in kurunegala. Vehicle number plate “නාහ 6284”

According to reports Kurunegala Police is being pressurized by higher officers to release the vehicle. Sirasa TV Confirmed this news in their “Breaking News”

These are the captured videos

The video clip shows DIG Vas Gunawardene pressurizing police officers of Kurunegala Police.

The next video shows Minister Jayaratne Herath and his henchmen pressurizing officers of Kurunegala Police yesterday (23rd) night to release the ‘mud’ lorry


30 thoughts on “Navy truck arrested with ballet boxes

    1. Rubbish video clips. They dont prove anything. SF will loose for sure. I hope SF will die on the 27th from a heart attack.

  1. Is His Excellency so scared about loosing? Is he planning to win by hook OR crook. Come-on Mr. Election Commissioner – Country depend on YOU

  2. Mr. Election Commissioner, It is your duty to conduct a free and fair election – take action to stop the planned ballot rigging else at least make a public statement

  3. I am indeed so frightened to think of the future. In the unlikely event of MR winning, how will the world community look at us? Will they see us as a ‘pariah’ like Zimbabwe or Ethiopia where there is a near barberic politicl culture and shun us? If so, what will then follow? Where will we stand in the civilised world community?

    1. Only losers and party hacks like you will wish and dream that Sri Lanka will be worst off in the future.

      Sri Lanka is on a track to become one of the best countries in the South Asia

      Look at the facts my friends…

      IMF upgraded the financial status of Sri Lanka to middle income level country.

      While rest of the world going through a recession Sri Lanka recorded a 3.5 economic growth.

      The New York Times named Sri Lanka as the No 1 country in the world to visit in 2010.

      Per capita income went up from $1000-$2000.

      Record number of foreign investors registered with BOI in last part of 2009.

      Massive infrastructer development program we have never seen in our life time has been launch.

      Only a few losers and LTTE diaspora wish we will be like Zimbabwe.

      When we were fighting LTTE every minute you guys wished Sri Lanka will get screwed and end up like Afganistan. Now when we fighting to develop the country every minute you fuckers are wishing Sri Lanka will become a Zimbabwe.

      What a bunch of losers.. give it up or suck it up!

      1. Thanks for the nice rose coloured picture, you are trying to paint. Remove your blue specs and you will see a dark colour.

        BTW, I am a fucker, ok, but why do you want to mention it here in this open forum?

      2. Realsenator, you jackass donkey! Stop watching so much ITN and Rupavahini. Ask the ordinary person in SL if they are better off economically or not- they will tell you the truth. All these so called ‘mega development projects’ are all a load of bunkum. Only foundation stones and they are riddled with corruption.

      3. Real Senator, You sound like the lindhe inna gemba who only watch ITN n Rupawahini, As long as we have people like you believing this false propaganda…

      4. you stupid jack ass,real senator or watever y dnt u get it!!! we hav those economic status because of the money wich was brought bak to Sl frm KP !! but wat has happend is it distributed to all the citizens in SL ?? is it utilized?? if so hw ??? U stupid kindergaredn shit head all those mony is being circulated among a bloody power hunger family,the RAJAfucksers. well do u knw this RAJAfuksers are going to be named as the most richest family in south asia!!! well better start finding abt dat u idiot!!! b coz of ppl like u this country will be in deep shit!! whn da war was going on wat those Fukers did,they marketd it by cut outs and held provincial elections!!!! U fuker stop watching fukinf biased TV networks !!!

      5. Real Senator, for ass holes like you IMF is good when it does something helpful to UPFA. Ok now you believe in IMF, so you should now believe in World Bank as well. Now UPFA fan boy what have you got to say about 2010 Logistics Performance index published by world bank. Despite Maharaja’s maga neguma and fake vision of becoming south Asian hub we have gone down from 90 to 137. Check who is the party hack, we are on right track to become a tyranny drowned in nepotism and false foreign policy. (In the same report India and Bangladesh climbed up this year)


  5. We as a Nation must join hand to defend our Democracy and our country!MR can’t continue this way if we fight back in a proper method! specially youngsters must do something organised.We stood strong against ruthless terrorists why can’t we do this?This is matter of our think TWICE! BE WISE!!

  6. Meke UNP trucks dekak police alla thiyenne. Methendi, truck eke ekkena kiyanne, thissa athhanayaketa call caranawa kiyala. Kawuds hora?

    kawuda hora?

  7. We thanks Sirasa Tv to give us a right news, at the right time.Once again thank you,We know MR has been taking this country to HELL,Mr.Election Commissioner, all these years you had a good sleep,Know the right time come to wakeup and Conduct you to free and fair election. To give brighter future to all Sri Lankan.
    Thank You.

  8. the end is nigh….. why dont people get this…? the country is on the brink of destruction with the current rule and they are absolutly blinded…. we got mervin running riot….rupavahni, ITN slinging mud at a stretch for the opposition in a really bad manner, its ok to dance near the edge but when you insult a war hero, ANY war hero, it shows the disgusting mannerisms people have adopted just to satisfy the whims of someone else…. what happened to fairness, what happened to respect, where’s justice….?? the election commission helpless at the conduct of the media and the ruling party, doing everything they could do to win a stupid election and to gain power for themselves while forgetting all that is dear….. they talk about “kal guna salakeema”….they should have started with love thy brother as thyself cuz if they had done that all those deaths due to political agenda cud have been avoided…but they dont care . Rupawahini ITN slinging mud as we speak even wen the commission ordered them not to, i think we alrdy have become Zimbabwe or Uganda…
    My parents are sending me to Australia in 13 days to get a better future for me and for themselves because leave alone economy, the very foundation of human respect has been shattered to pieces and i do not want to be in a place i would not be respected for my views, where i could not speak against wrong doing , where im silenced by violence in order to cover their crimes….im waiting for the the day when all people get together and crash through the gates of the corrupt government and liberate themselves from all political inferences and i would be the first to throw the stone…its ok if u add an insult to this comment, i guess all things reflect an individuals identity and character.

  9. sick of it, i take my hat off for you…

    if this is wat the country has cme to i shudder to thnk of our future..pls do the right for a democratic country…for the sake of our future..the lives of d youth..

  10. Should introduce 100% secured voting system
    Ex:the bullet pepper should issued by a Thumb mark traceable Machine and manual voting..

    1)A Thumb Mark Traceable Machine filled by bullet Pepper,
    2)The Machine should gives a bullet pepper after the traced and confirmed thumb Mark of every voters.
    3)than a manual voting as like as in current system.

  11. where is so called ballot papers ? No one has shown any paper in it. it is general navy cargo. any one can video a clip and say any thing. I’m glad the writer did not say that barrols are full of aminution to attack sarath’s public rally’s. This is the nature of SF campaing. Always factless and based only on creating a doubt.

    1. Yeah. You are right. On the other hand, MR’s campaign is as pure as a lily and what they say is true, naked facts only. 🙂

      Look, mister, this is not SF’s campaign. This is what the TV said.

  12. People who do not know facts may now now.
    Under Mahinda’s 4 year ruling

    1) The banking sector did not collaps when even most rich countries were having financial market crisis (Fact- Proper Financial Management)
    2)Sri lanka did not have food shortage even though we went through a era of world food crisis ( Fact- Strong economic and agricultural policy)
    3)Did not stop the war against terrorism in fear of presure from western county (Fact – Better foriegn policy management)
    4)Sri lanka was nominated as the first out of 31 places to travel in 2010 for the first time by New york times( Fact- International Confidance improved on the country )
    5)Sri lanka reaches middle income level country by UN categorisation ( Fact – On track to development)
    6) End of 30 years LTTE terrorism in 3 1/2 which could not be eneded even SF had been in the army nearly 3 decades ( Fact- SF is not the main factor)
    7)Despite huge war spending new development started after decades of no developemnt. ex – Hambantota ari port,New high way, norochole power plant,many flyovers , many school and office buildings…etc (Fact – He did much much better despit war spending)

    any one can suggests facts ( Not just words or imaginations after becoming president)about what happend when Ranil, chandiraka were in power …

    1. Bandu,

      You are right. MR has been saying throughout his election campaign that he will make Sri Lanka
      ‘usasma’ country in the world. He must be meaning
      to do it in next 6 years.

      Then we will be ahead of US, European countries,
      China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.

      I am sure, you are beleiving he can do it.
      Why should I call you a fool? 🙂

  13. why the hell these freaks show beer cans and say whisky bottles???? haha… dnt these ppl knw beer cans are for beer, n whisky bottles cm in boxes???? foolish SF bastards

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