Chandrika Bandaranaike extends support to Fonseka

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Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga extended support to General Sarath Fonseka at Horagolla a short while ago. The General traveled to Horagolla this morning to meet Mrs. Kumaratunga.

Under the present Rajapakse regime the SLFP is being dragged on an undemocratic path that leads to family domination says former President Chandrika Bandaranayke Kumaratunga. Ms. Kumaratunga said this to the media after the special discussion she had with the apolitical Common Candidate Gen. Sarath Fonseka today.

Speaking further the former President said Gen. Fonseka presented her with his election manifesto and added she approves the policies and the programme in his manifesto.


37 thoughts on “Chandrika Bandaranaike extends support to Fonseka

  1. Well done M’am. This will help SF to gain more votes in Gampaha district. Corrupted MR will loose very very badly. He shouldnt be allowed to continue at any cost.

  2. st watched an interview on Sirasa(past interview)

    SF says Afganistan is a SAARC Country.But who care what he says

    I am happy, as I am going to get a 10,000RS salary increase!

  3. Daminda: dnt show ur self how dumass u r, dnt u know afganisthan announce as a SAAC member in 2002, i’m not suprrise idiot like u sup mahinda…..

    well don mam u take right decsion on right time nw sf will win over 60%

    1. Well i have just passed OL,This is the first time I have the right to vote.#

      Are you people telling me no to vote SF

      Hari magulakne

      I was waiting until mahinda and co hang from balls in Galleface,Menna me buruwo epalu

      1. Ravin
        Amma appa vikunala hari dinanna one election ekak
        nayaka thuma kohoma hari meka karai
        Umbala wage labbo ekka thamai wede karanna beri
        Umba JVP da

  4. MR did something any one couldn’t do for last 30 years and he should win easily and it is our responsibility.
    It is so sad to see it go on this way. This much of fight and violence. Though MR win by lesser margin than Chandrika. Compare what mahinda vs chandrika and what they did. compare with other presidents. I had voting right for last 20 years, but never vote anyone. sri lanka given those useless people 2nd term without a fight and today cunning sri lankans who don’t have any gratitude or open and free mind they just forget everything. I had a great feeling about sri lankans and as a sri lankan.I don’t see i can be proud today. It is a shame. Sinhalese are very selfish.They just ready to do anything for money and power.Shameless people. Shameless race. It is just 7 months. War victory should have approved by the people of the country by supporting MR with huge majority. It should have shown that sri lankan are clear and unite. We all approve we are the greatest. But it is shame to see the way people thinking. their mind set. This should have not decided from Tamil votes. that is why i say some fools have drag this to put down the fame of war victory and freedom

    1. chintaka,

      Mahinda made use of the war victory in a very wrong way. Kavum,
      kiribath and all. Sinhala people celebrated it on a grand scale. Mahinda joined them for cheap

      How did the Tamils, nearly 20% of the population in our country, view these celebrations by the Sinhala people?

      Those with a kind of ‘Hela Urumaya’ mentality may be
      happy. But what happened to the so-called
      reconciliation, national unity and what not?

      What role did Mahinda play in this mad jubilation?
      He took part in it with huge cutouts throughout the
      country for cheap popularity, didn’t he?

      1. If Fonseka got Commander post he is still with MR. 100,000 increase in army to create field martial post, He oppose release of IDP and cry crocodile tears after break up with MR.IF there is any corruption in MR Gov SF also part of corruption. SF and JVP both extremist and no difference. TNA also same. In that sense SF have minus points against MR. I don’t see those celebration as against Tamils.It is your way of thinking. Did any one attack for the name of tamil. it was a celebration of freedom and people have right to do so. If tamils see it as wrong way means that tamils are not democratic. you ask what he did to reconcile. see how much spending on IDP and their resettlement. how much spending on northern development. MR could have spend that money to boost his vote base by reducing tax and increasing vote base. I think he did right thing. economic development will reconcile many problems and knowledge will help people to think wisely. Don’t you see the challenges having more than cutouts. If he want it is his wish to put cutouts and if you don’t like it just don’t look at it.Those are very minor issues compared to what he did to the country. He will be remembered for centuries as the first world leader who defeated terrorism from a country. I can meet my tamils friends and we can walk anywhere together with maximum freedom. My kid go to school and i don’t have any bomb fears any more. That is done by mahinda and i pay my gratitude.

    2. If you are such a hardcore ‘Mahindavadi’, then I am not going to argue with you. I am certainly unable to convince you. None will be able either.

    1. Great kings like Dutugemunu, Parakramabahu I,
      Wijayabahu I were only grat worriers, and never politicians. And then they became great statesmen as well.

  5. Jayawewa. SF the Next President of Sri Lanka. Sure you will end the family rule. Corruption and bring peace and prosperity to our Country.

  6. YES we all need to get very corrupted MR and his family out..
    if we let them win this time we’ll never be able to kick them out again..
    so boys and girls get THIS MR OUT kick them. put them and there family behind bars for what they have robbed form the poor people of Sri Lanka

    1. uba wage meeharak mahindata support karana eka gana apita puduna wenna deyak ne, ube lokka o/lwath pass nane ethin ubala o/l fail wena ekath arumayakda, mama jvp nemei matto ,mama unp, ai uba sudu van ewannada, nikan puka nodi pala thawath peechan wennatuwa

  7. *As a Sri lanken citizen we need peaceful election.

    *There will not be a single violence bitween anybody.

    *Anyone will win but never can win both party.

  8. Daminda: uba lajja nathuwa aye awda,, ane yako nodanna dewal kathanakara peechan wenawata wadiya hodai, gihin kuburakkotapiya wadak naththan, tho o/l wath pasda nikan boru nokia idapan, ube comment dakkama therenwa uba mona tharam mahindayata puka dena moda moosalayekda kiyala, ubata chandrika anith paththe innakotanam hodai neda, thoge maha eka hora chanda dala boru gahala dinanna haduwata 27 yanna wenne ubatath higakanna uthth ekke, mama unp ai uba sudu van ewannada, nikan pala yako puka nodi methanin

  9. hey people this daminda dnt know afghanistan is a saarc country, and he’s sup mahinda ,,, he want srilanka to become a zimbabwe,,, suba anagathayak ohoma yan……

  10. Well done Madam Chandrika..

    We are glad that your support towards Genaral’s victory..

    Let’s get together and build our nation.

  11. Machan Ravin, Uba ara damindata niyamata reply karala thibuna, Eee yaka mona sotthiyekkda? uuu kiyanne monada kiyala uuvath danne nehe..

  12. If MR really cared for the country, why does he want to have Presidential elections 2 yrs prior to its due period!! this is a clear sign that MR & family Co. is greedy and wants to fill their pockets with our money. Shame on him as a President who was in power at the time a war of 30 yrs was ended is being selfish

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