Is this the sign for Rigging of the polls by the government?

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Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage expressed ” we know the way of winning this election with the power of Governing, Police & Armed Forces. we can run as we wish”. Is this the sign for Rigging of the polls by the government?

This is the video of that statement.


12 thoughts on “Is this the sign for Rigging of the polls by the government?

  1. Yeah. I was watching it myself on the TV. I just could not believe my eyes and ears. To say that so blatantly. 😦

    This is definitely not a mere statement on the spur of the moment. There is more to it.

    All, take care.

  2. I know this guy since i was a kid, because his home town is near Gampola. He is rated as a violent, indisciplined, and a sillara politician by all.. As a UPFA Supporter i urge our voters to not to elect people like them .

  3. Finally he told thiers secret plans and the way how they are going to win the election..?????????

    He fimly stating that there is no democracy,this is Rajapksha`s regime, you can`t fight contest election against the government andif you do so we will use our army, police against you ..what a nonsence

    now i am bit concerned that what they have done in Mullaitivu and puthukidiyeruppu.

  4. mahindananda aluthgamage….oyata ithin chandikama vitharai kiyala api dhannawa ……oyata O/L passe wenna thamai beriwune…..kaman nehe…me sare sf ta kiyala o/l walata apply kara result sheet arang oya kiyana kathawa apahu kiwwoth me rate minissu piligani….ape rate minissu oya wage modayoo newei….eahinda honadata hithala hesirenna….tnx …vote 4 SF,if u want O/L result…okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  5. What more can you expect from this corrupt, dictatorial, oppressive regime. It would have been surprising this air-headed thug Mahindananda did not say something like this.

  6. Admin

    Oya Danuna Thilakarathna neda,
    Oyata Air lanka eke chairman wenna puluwan SF dinuwama
    baya wenna eppa

    Sure victory for SF

  7. Oh evry1 pls pray dat we shud gt a fair leadr 4 r country.god is with us.god myt gv 1chance and take al d othr chances away.u wil al hav2repay wen u die.dnt believes he is goin2tak al these powers wen he dies.poor man.he shud nw rectify hs misdeeds and live hs last era f lyf peacfuly wtout luk wt he is doin.

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