Basil’s 180 Million deal with LTTE, reveals Tiran Alles

Bookmark Basil’s 180 Million deal with LTTE, reveals Tiran Alles

National organizer of the SLFP Mahajana Wing Tiran Alles says Basil Rajapaksa personally handed over, at his office, Rs. 180 million to the then LTTE financial controller Emil Kanthan (current designation is LTTE’s  International Financial Head) to ensure that the people of the north refrained from voting at the 2005 presidential election.

Mr. Alles added that the deal took place at the request of the then presidential candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Tiran Alles who summoned a special media meeting after the bomb explosion at his house disclosed details of the deal at the meeting.

These are the videos of his statement


28 thoughts on “Basil’s 180 Million deal with LTTE, reveals Tiran Alles

  1. Finally the moment we have all been waiting for. We always wondered why MR was harassing Mr. Alles, former Airport chief and this is why. He knew too much and couldn’t be bought.

  2. why did tiran alles wait all this while to inform the public about this 180 mill. I think this is an election gimmic.. which both sides are using.
    I think the intelligent public has to base thier decisions on past performances and realistic future plans.

      1. Let’s be civil. I know years of being embarrassed to be Singhala gets to you. I know the feeling. Even I feel like I could cook up one of their brains as a bite. These are the folks over the years have continuously managed to get us branded as ‘Singhalaya Modaya’.

  3. basil salli deela hari MR chande dinne naththam ubalata ada chande danna ratak ithuru wenawada ? ehema baluwoth salli dipu eka hodai. eda ranil hitiyanan ada trinco yanna wenne visa aragena.

    1. umbath nagapang mahindage plane ekay. Ahingsaka minissu maruna. thota yanda bari wunada ay bus wala boamba thianakota. Ey marichcha minissunge lay paka mahindage athey. thopith pala apayata.

  4. Tiran has forgot this matter for 5 years….2 days to election & suddenly he remembered that….these idiots thinks srilankan people are fools….We are not living in 1940’s…….this is 21 century……

    1. ane bola gono….Tiran oka kiyala dawas dekak yanna kalin uge gedara gini thibba….so ada lankawe janadipathi ta wiruddawa yanne mona gona da mokada giyoth eelanga dawase puka nathuwa thama yanna wenne….he told this coz after 26 jan 2010 Mahinda is just another person without power so no harm ne dats y…cnt u get dat u 15th century FOX !!!

    2. Mahinda threw a bomb at his house now it is Tiran’s turn. Think of it like that. Even if Tiran died in this attack he has made all necessary video of his statements to the TID so that Mangala play it to the media in case he died. His secrecy in the past bought time.

  5. Madam its hatred madam wen sm1 knwn 2u atacks u 2tend2reveal al d secrets.same way tiran had dne.u thnk mr is gud wat gud has he dne2d country.learnd ppl r migratn poverty is increasn ,milionaires are kidnapd 4ransome.wat gud is hapning 2d country.y dnt u ppl thnk wisely

  6. Ya true Dakshina… Well said. By voting mahinda in 2005 he was able to finish LTTE… So becoz of vote him this time also then he will finish us all… Bro don’t be foolish after being educated… Don’t vote for candidate just for loyalty vote for them after evaluating them and there administration. Now LTTE is been done and finish no point in still talking about the war and being loyal to Rajapakse family for that ending the war was a team work it not a think that rajapakse family did ok… so now think about your future, think about our b’ful mother land’s future and vote for SF to bring development demolish poverty.
    So let us bring a “Trustful Change”

  7. MR is a no.1 faker..there is no doubt about that!!!That’z his 40 yrs political experience!!!it’s his faking politics!!!….on the other hand all politicians are fakers and frauds..SL people r begging a change..a “BELIEVABLE CHANGE” ~S.F. ….yeah that would be a CHANGE we can believe!!! and he who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.

  8. Mr is a fukin cheater….
    And once a cheatr cn always cheat again…
    If mr wins 2moro wil b surely by cheatin once more…

  9. MR fukin looser. he’s gonna loose this time deffinetly if he aint gonna cheat. Guys MR just gave the go, bt if it wasn’t for general SF the war is still goin on. Aiyoo mahinda gedara pala..

  10. Well done MR.. You wiped out LTTE by giving money. Well done and way to go. I like your strategy. Fools who created the connection should have jailed for his dealing with LTTE. Tiran have supported and tiran should be jailed. Thumb up for MR and Basil.

    1. Best comment so far. The country should go after the “Real Traitors with NO concern for the motherland “….

      Well done MR! your idea is brilliant. You have effectively used the “real dirt bags” to do the real dirty job!!. “Thamata pera rata…bullshit! sounds more like “Thamata pera Koti”

      Shamelessly coming forward after 5 years..Just get real !!!

  11. Everybody must think about this. . . this Rajapaksha family sold us to LTTE for their benefits. . .
    this is the time that we must rise up against to this family rule. . .

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