DIG in charge of North transferred to Colombo

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Senior Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of police Nimal Lewke, who is in charge of operations in the North (Jaffna, Vavuniya, Mannar and Mullativu districts), has been recalled to the police headquarters in Colombo.

The Police spokesman SSP I.M.Karunaratna confirmed that he has been tranferred to Colombo, but claimed it was for ‘special duties”.

Police transfers ahead of a Presidential election is a violation of election laws. Also the transfer was contrary to directives of the Elections Commissioner that no police transfers could take place during an election.


11 thoughts on “DIG in charge of North transferred to Colombo

    1. No more money left with Gonseka. The last 30 million they had was given to MP Mussamil. So no one wants cross over now.

      1. you are a donkey as your name said.
        Thats right SF doesn’t have that much money like MR and he don’t want to buy any MP’s.
        Musammil’s story is a very poor act.(Dan eke redi galawilath iwarai. Vimal doen’s talk about it any more) Also Stupid Musammil doesn’t worth 30M’s(There are MP’s worth 30m’s but not Musammil)
        If MR is winning why he is transferring all Police heads as this story said.
        By the way comment according to the heading or the story (Eg. your comment is not related to “DIG in charge of North transferred to Colombo”)
        So don’t be a Donkey.
        Comment about the DIG’s transfer….then your comment at least will be relevant(even it is stupid)

  1. I am waiting for SF victory to bring that non currupt change together with Chandrika. Will Roni Piris too will join Chandrika and SF to build more castles in England, buy more south beach condoes in Florida, go around in luxury crusers 366 days with money stolen from power farmers and tax payers from Sri Lanka.



  2. Only thing now Sri Lanka need is “Hate Mongering” kill kill kill Start killing with MAHINDA at Gallface. shot Gotta near Kandy town, shot and kill Shavindra Silva in Maradana, shot and kill Prassana Silva in Moratuwa, shot and kill Kamla Gunaratne in Borrella, And oya kalakani Wasantha Karanagoda I want to kill him personnaly neat my toilet.


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