President not going to take oaths immediately

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President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was re-elected to office following the just concluded Presidential elections, does not need to take oaths immediately as he is the incumbent President and will be sworn in for his second term in due course, Government Minister G. L. Pieris told reporters in Colombo a short while ago.

He said that the President could decide on when he wants to take oaths, without elaborating. President Rajapaksa called for elections two years ahead of his term ending. by quoting dailymirror and adaderana.

But we can’t guarantee the legal side of this.


3 thoughts on “President not going to take oaths immediately

  1. Mr. President,had you think about the reason for lost in North and East?
    Actually The North Rejects you don’t Think They Given Support to SF.
    The 731196(64.83%) Northern people are reject MR and SF.
    The 804090(81.36%) Rejects SARATH FONSEKA.
    The 915440(92.63%) Reject Raja Paksha.
    So Try to win them..

    Next in Eastern Province.
    the Situation is different,they accept both of you [659150-(66.21%]),but they are thinking SF is better than you.
    The 272327(41.31%) Accept Mahinda Rajapaksha
    The 386823(58.69) Accept Sarath Fonseka.
    but All the Eastern UPFA MP’s Are holding Ministry Post,even though the people had reject your request.
    Actually they didn’t reject Mahinda Rajapaksha.they reject there ministers request,Negative response effected on your they used the vote for tells some thing to you,and showed you their real leader.

    So please send home the present tac tic magicians( they cheat you also) and call their leaders with you in the right path.

    Thank you
    Sham (the Real Srilankan)from kuwait

  2. “mata ona welawata mama diurum denne’ kiyala MR kohedida manda kiwwa…..
    eekiyanne ithuru aurudu 2kath idalama karaida???
    ‘Subha-Anagathayak’…… ha ha hah

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