I’ll be Back, General Sarath Fonseka

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More than five million people expressed their confidence in him and to fulfill their trust and aspirations he would contest the general election says Gen. Sarath Fonseka.

Speaking at a press conference convened at his residence yesterday (28th) night Gen. Fonseka said, “I definitely know that more than five million people had trust in me and cast their votes for me. We had this confirmed before the results were out. However, the public opinion was plundered in the most corrupt and deceitful manner.

The confidence masses in this country had in me has not changed. I expect to protect this confidence people have in me and carry out my duty towards the Motherland in the future. I expect to contest at the upcoming general election as my gratitude for the confidence and trust masses in the country have towards me.

Responding to a question posed by a journalist Gen. Fonseka said, “Now everybody knows the swan. Everyone is looking for the swan. They have confidence in the swan. Hence, I would contest the general election with the swan as my symbol.”


28 thoughts on “I’ll be Back, General Sarath Fonseka

    1. When you cant dance you say floor is not good 😀 . Sri lankans pay gratitude. People like you don’t have good hart and you all are against sri lanka. Muslims who supported SF was never did the right thing but selfish thing.

      1. chintaka,

        You say, ‘people like you don’t have good hart and you all are against Sri Lanka’!

        Do you mean to say a few million voters in our country don’t have good hart and against Sri Lanka?

        Are all of them ‘jathidrohi’ and you only are ‘deshapremi’?

        Oyata oluwak thiyanawada? Hari. Oluwak thiyanawanam eka ethule londa thiyanawada? 🙂

      2. Senator, your name shows to whom you are working :D. it is you who should decide the side you belong to. Now you may feeling it 😀
        Hithe amaruwata godak dewal kiyanawa 😀 Kopaya parajithayage lakshanayak. Ha ha i am happy that i took correct decision and which endorsed by 60 million having londa in my head and not sure what you have 😀 .

      3. chintaka,

        How can the name indicate anything? Seelawathiela ukuno maranne nadda? :0

        Mama kopa welath naha. Parajitha welath naha.

  1. ape veeraya ta jaya wewa. Sir, victory has been robbed from you. Majority of sri lankans voted for you and love you. Continue the fight for our freedom from this dictator. You are our only hope. We are with you all the way.

  2. Naturally, General, even if you go by the declared results, nearly half of the voting population of the country has placed their trust in you. You just cannot betray them.

    You displayed your brilliant capabilities in the military front. We now want you continue same in the civil front.

      1. chintaka,

        How much votes SF get without UNP and JVP? How do I know? I am not a sastarakaraya! I am not a fortune teller!

        But, as I said before, the fact obvious to all is this – SF got many million votes, a little less than MR.

  3. I think it is a sad day for Sri Lanka and democracy. In those days, one would win, the looser would concede, if the winner was the ruling party they would not go and surround the looser’s house and threaten to kill him and intimidate him. Life would go on and they would come back in the next five years and try again. Also there was no voter fraud. If you were registered to vote, you did just that.Some people whom we know told us that they were not registered to vote after sumitting their forms. When they went to get their voting cards, their application forms were still sitting on the Gramasevaka’s desk. This is how public servants do their jobs. MR should sack the lot of them, not talk of giving them a pay rise.

    Also chinthaka this one is for you. Dont bring religion, caste or creed into this. Every sri lankan whatever religion they belong to needs to excersise their democratic voting rights.Its people like you that cause the divide.You are not even helping MR who says he wants to unite the country. Well he says he has achieved 58% of the vote?(it is surprising though after all the enthusiasm people showed for SR) Lets now hold him accountable, to unite and bring prosperity and most importantly uphold democracy in our beautiful little island Sri Lanka

    1. My argument is Muslims who mostly benefited from MR work didn’t gave what they should give and they just thought about stomach.I am not racist but facts remain as it is.

      1. Chinthaka,The Muslims voted for Sinhalese Leader,they are not voted for a Muslim Candidate.there are one message for MR from Muslim community which is that the Muslim Ministers who are with him are not done anything for Muslim.that is why they punished the their leaders.but they actually voted for a Sinhalese Leader.understand the fact.do you know the JVP’s Bylaw?this is totally opposed to the Muslims Economic system even they support to SF.because they wants to punish their leaders.

      2. Sham, you Choose wrong way to give your message. I don’t think any minister was capable of doing anything under war. Do you know how much money had to spend on resettlement. how much spend for reconstruction of infrastructure. What do you expect from individual ministers. on the other hand ministry post is not given only to give service to Muslims. It is for whole sri lanka. How selfish to ask them to service only for Muslims. Don’t you get health service and education provided by other ministers.as a minister for national security MR has given safety, security and freedom for you to go to schools, to do day today work,to go to religious places.remember how it was few months ago. You show your colors. What do you expect special from your minister. It is your responsibility of selecting a good intelligent person to parliament. Can you name any one did something better than MR for Muslim community.

      3. chinthaka extremely you are zero in Current Affairs…even you unable to understand what others telling and writing… just come out from the circle of Just Srilanka and Buddism.

        try to study bible,Enjeul,Bagawath Geeth,Quran,
        and Current affairs.

      4. got your advice and i have never seen any current affairs in bible,Enjeul,Bagawath Geeth,Quran.:D . Do you know what is current affairs. seems you only know the word. there are lot to learn. you will not get the truth as far as read only what u like but what you don’t like too. 😀

  4. Chinthaka,dont write like you said,all the western contries opposed to Srilankan Government during the War Against the LTTE but only Muslims counntries are funded and support us.
    we have got Huge financial Aided from Iran and Lebia
    very power weapon aid from Iran
    Pakistan Air forces fight for capturing our land.
    all of these support and helps from them because Srilanka Muslim.don’t think i supporting to Muslims but we want to thank them.

    1. Sham, remember non of the Muslim countries helped Ranil or hakeem or previous regimes. but mahinda got all their support and mahinda got discredit from west due to the friendship had with muslim countries. UNP is very much against MR s alliance with muslim world and he want to change it to west. It is MR who firmly stand on his view bravely and fight in international see against west. MR could have easily go to west if he attack muslim world and he could have be the hero of west. But MR didn’t do that. He stand on his policies. Think yourself.

      1. you are totally wrong man,you dont know the reason for western opposing to MR.Please try to read news peppers well.the western not opposing to Muslim Countries but to chaina.if MR come out from the Chaina’s and India,the west will get Him for their wing.

        Note: Western are Not an Enemies to Muslim World,they opposed to Terrorism but only Isreal.Do you a Famous Quote ” K.S.A is a baby pet of USA”

      2. Ha ..ha.. can u remember ? who ask MR to not to visit Iran and Libiya 😀 that is US. UK also send signs of agitation. reading is not worthy unless you don’t grasp the meaning.

      3. really you are No one Fool Chinthaka.I can’t teach you… you have no ideas to learn good.
        “China needs a place in Srilanka” but iran and libiya no need a Place in Srilanka.
        They are Helping Srilanka without Expectation but Not China.The Chaina Helping Srilanka for a Place to launch chaina’s Forces.

      4. sham..yes i am a fool and accept it humbly 😀 think from your brain and understand the problem. you have shown your level of knowledge :D. don’t rely on what others talk. do you think Libya Iran and other Muslim countries also put a dansal 😀 they gave loans and we have to payback. china also do same. but as china is global super power we have the edge of attracting others interest and also we have backing of superpower.china and India have capability of balancing the western power but Iran and Libya is nothing compared to India and china. use china to build a harbor is great thing. also large no of ships are moving to china and it is really important to Chinese collaboration to attract ships moving to china through sri lanka. this harbor was proposed long ago and no one was interested. hakeem was promoting oluwil but best location is hambantota. china also want to have their presence in sri lanka. probably you may not aware that today chinease and indian companies are buying american companies. so their presence will be every where. check your house and think hom much china presence in your house. you know jvp who support SF is fully backing china and they are following mao sathungs. what we should do is get the benefit and manage the problem with our interests. For me having a harbor is Great thing and very big prospect for sri lanka. Managing china is our problem and it should be wisly done by any government.

  5. I’m not using Chinese products chinthaka,
    We have to pay interest to the loan from china but Zero interest loan we raised from Muslim Countries. Do you know this?
    You said china has supper-power but look at the yesterday news, china crying, because US sell weapons to Thailand.
    If there are superpower with them why they are crying now. (Afraid to US Weapon. The China only capable to Produce Cosmetics.

    All the western Afraid for Iran and Libya. Do you know why? Iran promoting Nuclear Weapon.

    So now you can understand whose with really supper power.

    We are paying interest between 3 to 17% for each loan,but we did not pay interest for the loans from Muslim Countries.

    1. Ha..ha.sounds like u hate Chinese. i don’t have racist approach.when i shop i never check the shop owner but the quality of product. probably you don’t know. label may be some other country. but for any product develop any where in the world there is a considerable Chinese contribution. though we agree or not it is the truth. no you are wrong . there is no interest free loans given. only grace period. some conditions for loans. some loans have set conditions to provide only facilitate east of sri lanka. also to develop humabantota airport invited middle east countries and they didn’t show much interest. could u tell me which Muslim country willing to give donation to develop ports. i am really happy to hear that. as you said they cannot lay any conditions. 😀

    2. so you want to say US only the super power? is it a cry or threat? see it your self. Sri lanka face this much problems due to the presence of jokers like you.
      first understand where you are before come to argument.See your extreme ideas. i hate resists, racist parties, racist people.

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