Election Result Incorrect, Minister Risad Badhiutheen

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The result from one counting centre in Puttalam was not included in the final results of the Presidential Election said the Minister Risad Badhiutheen in a media briefing held yesterday.

“There were two counting centers for the votes of the IDP’s in Puttalam. Results from one of the centre were included while the results of the second were not added. The district secretary has made the change. She has sent a letter to the elections commissioner.

With that Mahinda Rajapakse will have 32,447 votes in the Vanni. What we saw in the papers was 28,000 votes. But actually there were 32,447 votes. This was a mistake and it is the election commissioner who is responsible. 3200 of our votes were not counted. I would like to go to court over this. I request the elections commissioner to immediately include this amount and inform the public of the correct number of votes.” said the Minister Risad Badhiutheen. newsfirst


16 thoughts on “Election Result Incorrect, Minister Risad Badhiutheen

  1. OMG! If it is so, the Commissioner of Elections, the poor man that he is, must be responsible for it.

    Does anyone suggest, he was partial or did not do his job properly?

    If so, let some vociferous one with a big mouth in the ruling party declare so rather than an insignificant Badhuitheen.

  2. All aware you are a product of this MR mania. You are a master rigger in the vanni. The reason you are shouting is that particular counting center votes were rigged by you so you want to include that and enter MR’s good book. See the results, already Vanni people rejected you and MR so how come Vanni IDSs accept you and MR. This is commonsense.

  3. If any one have facts. it should be come forward and correct voice should be heard. even SF need to recount it should be given. Go to courts and show you are right. don’t cry.

  4. Rishad Please go to Court.. then that all the hidden fact will comes out… don’t tell gota… if you say him he will get pressure.(because his magic game also will come out)

    Chinthaka,do you why this man crying?… he does not do anything for Vanni People.therefor he rejected by the people but he wants to show maharaja,the vanni people accepted him

    1. Any one can say Magic. you know if MR can do that magic he will not that worry. I think he was also sleeplessly worked. but peoples choice is different. I am not belong to any party and i voted this time only to defeat SF and to pay gratitude to the MR for given freedom. all the counting centers had party rep and can collect the end counting easily from the sheets given. People have misunderstand the way of peoples thinking. That is the most common mistake politicians and their folowers do. it is utter foolishness of people of wanni voting SF to show the hate of this minister. they should do it in parliment election.

      1. chintaka,

        Don’t dodge the question. Do you agree or not with what Bahuboothadeen says? Why not give a direct answer?

      2. Senetor,

        I don’t care about what he says. I do care only facts. unless find those with valid evidence i do not give verdict.So result will come from EC and if any one say that vote given to president is due to someone else work. that also should prove and don’t know how.Answer was there and it is not yes or nor answer 😀

      3. yes, People Choice was different but the gota has Changed the People’s Order.yes Maharaja also Worked himself heard.”A thief’s heart will beat 3times more than a hear beat of a Man with Peacefull Mind”
        so you can understand why MR was get BP high during the PE period.

        “Chindaka You are a Baby….
        All the MP’s Earned More than Enough,we can’t say they will come come through to GE”Punishment is not a Post Paid”if the people wait for GE,there are the meaning is they Forgive them in Last Election”
        “A election is a Chance to use the Peoples Power” the Final Judgment will be in GE” Past President Election Result is Warning to their Leaders”
        Now You may Understand Mr,Chinthaka

      4. chintaka,

        OK. OK. I understand. You don’t care about what a Minister says! Mahinda’s loyal Minister! Speaking favourably for Mahinda! Mahindata kade giya Minister!

  5. Mahinda is a Maha Hora. Basil and Gota is Hora supporters. They rigged the election result. Maha raja will not be able to swear on November 2010.

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