Mahanayake Thera reveals the current situation of Sri Lanka

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The Most Venerable Thibbotuwawe Sri Sumangala thera of the Malwatte chapter expressed his view about General Sarath Fonseka’s arrestment and the current situation of Sri Lanka


37 thoughts on “Mahanayake Thera reveals the current situation of Sri Lanka

  1. welldone The Most Venerable Thibbotuwawe Sri Sumangala thera, we are glad for your soft spoken truth you spoke about the current situation..Now people have to realize that the real Tiger or Kotiya is not Sarath Fonseka But the President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakshe..He disgrace by kidnapping by force the national hero Sarath Fonseka who brought victory against the separatism..Sarath Fonseka is the real hero of the victory…now see what Mahinda’s Crazy acts…he detain SF the true leader while he gives protection for the former terror leaders like Karuna and Pilliyan..Shame Shame Shame Shame on all sri lankans who voted for him..

  2. Anything else can expect from SF supporter? why Ven sumangala thero didnt advice SF not to betray forces? Can justify it? How ven thero come to conclusion of missing prageeth? truth will come soon.

    1. chintaka,
      You always argue like fool. The Ven. Thera has come to the obvious conclusion that prageeth (or somebody) is missing. That is obvious to everybody except, perhaps, to you.

    2. Chinthaka, The Ven Thera is not supporting anybody he is sorry that democracy is deteriorating. Listen to what he is saying, dont jump the gun.

      He is worried about the poor people who voted for SF, who are now being harrased. Get your facts straight.

      You are just a one eyed supporter and it is ok for you to support MR or whom ever you want, that is your democratic right, thereby try and respect other peoples opinions and views. If that is how the mahanayke feels that is his birth right as well.

      1. Why didn’t ven thero advice fonseka. then all those problem would have not been created.Thero should have advice him not to do any illegal stuff and betray Army, creating split in army. Those are grave crime and those stupids who just think it is election propaganda. They are playing with sri lanka security. He is undermining SL forces. He has already damaged. He should be punished for the crime with maximum. This is not political. Anywhere in the world this is not acceptable. Any government will act like this way.I was worried why this is delayed. There is a theory that if any army general seek popularity and power he should be removed immediately or destroy. Reason is that those can betray in highest level and it has happen here in sri lanka.Read my comments and i was predicted this even befor election. It is all started by SF, created by SF , executed by SF and he himself ask to arrest and threatened to go to war crime tribunal to give evidence. SO who is working against sri lankan interests?
        those who argue that gov is taking political revenge is talking nonsense.If that the case they should have done it before election and now SF is not a threat at all for the government.SF invited this problem by making war crime witnessing. SL forces would not resist any of this crap and should punish who ever supporting not to play with national security. Stupid fools just want to see all in party politics.i Hate to see MR draging this problem so far and he should have jail him while he is in army. MR was doing bullshit keeping this fool and it is all his fault now.

      2. Calm down man, you seem crazy. We Sri Lanka are becoming a joke around the world because of people like you.

      3. Annoymous ,

        SF is the biggest Joke. Good example .. World is not supporting him. They do not oppose the arrest but they concern about the safety of opposition leader.They think he is the opposition leader now. Specially south Asia countries aware of SF’s behavior and nothing will happen at the end.Non of you break my arguments. don’t talk like fools. don’t follow any one blindly. I have no party or not bias.I will not for Gov . reason MR put country at risk by keeping this clown in this post knowing his behavior. He should have removed before.For get minus. SF should have jailed while he was in Army.

    3. you fool he didn’t betray our country…in his speech,jst he expressed tht he is ready to say and prove this humanitarian effort was done in the correct way and expressed ddnt happen any kind of a genocide in SL during the war….He is the only 1 who didn’t fear to international forces!!thtz way he was ready to face any kind f a court trail against SL’s Humanitarian effort…He knows how d army fought,,so he jst have taken the responsibilty of tht…f u say this is the betrayal action being taken,,,so u r NUTZ!!!thn wht abt karuna and his colleagues…thy r patriots???

      1. He did and he did it many times. Every time he spoke about white flag story. It created waves in IC. Hate in his mind.You need more research.Read all the articles,not only about praising SF. He was trying to arrest jagath jayasooriya knowing that he will go against him on a coup. SF made many unethical unjustifiable things to many brave heroes in the army.SF have done it in many times. He is not a good man at all but a devil. Monstor. you can find the truth from anoma. Lasantha published all details about him and killed next week.

  3. welldone The Most Venerable Thibbotuwawe Sri Sumangala thera, we are glad for your soft spoken truth you spoke about the current situation..Now people have to realize that the real Tiger or Kotiya is not Sarath Fonseka But the President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakshe..He disgrace by kidnapping by force the national hero Sarath Fonseka who brought victory against the separatism..Sarath Fonseka is the real hero of the victory…now see what Mahinda’s Crazy acts…he detain SF the true leader while he gives protection for the former terror leaders like Karuna and Pilliyan..Shame Shame Shame Shame on all sri lankans who voted for him..

  4. chintaka he the General never betrayed the army…contesting the presidential election was his democratic right..Is arresting General SF is right while the terror leaders like karuna and pilliyan are enjoying all the facilities given by the government..and dont forget that karuna and pilliyan are responsible for killing lots of innocent people and buddhist monks..its a shame for the sinhalese people while thier national hero is being detain while the kotiya is getting all benefits

    1. Don’t shoot the bush. i don’t see any problem of him contesting presidential election.He tried gain sole credit for himself undermining the other forces.It is his right to go for election and he was allowed to do it immediately and he got the result. But as a sri lankan i cannot accept what he did.
      1. publish his resignation letter. It created a split in army.
      2. Comments made about shavendra silva and war crime charges. It is his cunning behavior and should not have done that.
      3. BBC reported that his statement on war crime charges and he is ready to give evidence.

      I think he should have jailed some time back. He is out of mind and it is very clear that he need some help. He cant control his life. Cant see what is right. He cannot solve problems diplomatic manner. Speaking like street fighter. SF created very embarrassing situation for ARMY and humiliated. National interest should be protected at any cost. SF is a war Hero, he is a good fighter. but he is lack of managing himself.

  5. Junior sri lankan army officers should come forward to protect democracy…dont take the side of the commanders of boot lickers

  6. As a nation, we should be ashamed of our leaders and of ourselves.
    For 30 years he fought on our behalf and risked his life for each and every one of us.
    Be it under threat of prosecution or even death – he never faltered in his duty and never once disobeyed his honest conscience.
    Now it is your duty to do what you can to save his life.
    We at the media center of Sarath Fonseka, urge everyone to email us at with any information of his whereabouts…. See More
    Most importantly, we urge you to contact your politicians, religious leaders, media, civil society organizations and foreign embassies and make your voice heard to save the life of General Fonseka and democracy for our nation.

    1. Amal ,

      It is the duty of any army personal and all who was in war front was much risked and they don’t have any life guards.He never fought but given orders.He himself disobeyed and betray the camp.fortunately war is over unless he definitely betray it giving information to LTTE to gain what he want. SF is living with poison. Venom is in his head. He is afraid of getting caught to the case of lasantha murder and raviraj case. Still in blind eye. People in army knows about the man behind swan feathers.God is looking from sky to protect sri lanka.

  7. The arresting officer insulted and dragged the General away when he questioned his arrest.
    He has not been allowed a lawyer, due procedure of detention, or even a call to his family – as yet no one knows where he is detained or what is being done to him.
    It has come to light that the administration has made elaborate plans to kill the General, … See Moretheir claim being that he was shot while resisting his captors.
    Although we are unable to verify this fact, we believe that he is being held at the Navy camp in Rangala.

  8. Army soldiers has to confront Mahindas Boot licking generals and take control the situation..and held a democratic elections not a rigged unfair election

    1. You are dreaming. very little suport for SF in army and you want to split SL army to give evidence in war tribunal. so Army will them self go to war tribunal.. 😀
      Ar u Sri lankan?

      1. It shows how much they support from postal votes 😀 they hate SF. They belive that SF betray them and his ambition is to tarnish the good image of sri lanka army.

    1. Jagath,

      As a Buddhist i believe in Buddhism. What ven thro said is out of buddhism. it is same as most of the preaching done by Hela Urumaya.According to Buddhism bhikku cannot involve in politics. bad example set by Hela urumaya. The person who is listening should think about it without getting it blindly even though it came from Buddha. Jagath it is politicians who try to gain from anything. they will do anything to gain vote base. they will even use monk. we should not trap in to that and specially monks should learn that. I think if ven thero read it again will understand what is wrong with it. Does ven thro know about SF. Ven thero is not happy becouse MR did not listen to Ven thero. But ven thero did not advice Ranil not to sign MOU with LTTE. Why ven thro didn’t advice SF to use his mouth with care. I think ven thro have been mislead by UNP. I couldn’t find any buddism on that saying. It is with hate and seen on frustration imposed by politicians poisoning.they are trying all possible avenues to attack MR. Ask me if you want a way to defeat MR? non of these will work for sure. America couldn’t tame MR, LTTE couldn’t, SF couldn’t, do you think those will effect 😀 , but there is only one way…. think wisely. i will 200% support.

    1. Ha..ha.. very good …any democratic society have all sort of different views….if you ask only i will tell how to defeat MR. i am not going to tell you cos you don’t wanna talk to me 😀 ha…ha..

  9. General Sarath Fonseka will face immediate court martial for treason and he can be jailed for up to five years, Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa said in an interview published today.

    Rajapaksa, a brother of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, also told Singapore’s Straits Times that Fonseka had planned to impose military rule and his candidature in the presidential election that he lost was backed by the US and Norway.

    Speaking candidly but harshly about Fonseka, Gotabaya rubbished claims that Fonseka played a key role in the military victory over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in May last year. “What he achieved we could have done with any other commander. There were better officers.”

    Fonseka was arrested Monday after being charged with conspiring against the government of Mahinda Rajapaksa, his former friend, and creating rifts in the army. Fonseka’s supporters have denied the charge.

    The younger Rajapaksa, who as defence secretary oversaw the war against the Tigers, said Fonseka would be charged under the Army Act. “Under the Army Act, any officer can be charged under military act within six months of leaving the military. There are other things we will do under civil code.”

    He went on: “The court martial will begin immediately after the assembling of the summary of evidence is done. I don’t know how long it will take because that depends on lawyers. But we want to finish it soon. In less than six months maybe. The severity of the charges is very high. He can be put in jail for as long as five years.”

    Rajapaksa said Fonseka worked with politicians and tried to win them over while holding the Chief of Defence Staff assignment. “This was completely wrong because he was sitting in Security Council meetings. It amounts to treason.”

    “He was planning military rule… He was completely trying to isolate the politics and take the country on a different path… In his very last stages as army commander he began bringing his people into Colombo and his regiment, positioning his senior regiment people all over… All these things were looking like a military coup,” said Rajapaksa.

    The president’s brother accused a section of the West of conspiring with Fonseka, who has accused the Rajapaksa brothers of war crimes in the military campaign against the LTTE.

    “We are 100 percent convinced that Western countries with vested interests were backing him. Even the US, and countries like Norway, spent lots of money on his campaign.

    “I have proof of the Norwegian government paying journalists to write against the government,” he said. “They have vested interests and used to support the Tamil Tigers in various ways. They also supported Fonseka to try oust the government.”

    Rajapaksa also linked Fonseka with the chilling January 2009 murder of Sri Lankan editor Lasantha Wickrematunge.

    “We know there was no other person (involved). You have to see the circumstances. Some of the media people harmed had never criticized any other person except him or people close to him. Nothing happened to those who had been criticizing me or the president.

    “We have a clue whom he has used (in the killing). We are very convinced. In fact, I know for sure. He was definitely responsible for five or six cases (of disappearances) where media people were involved. Now I am going after the people who did the executions. The truth will come out very soon.” (IANS)

  10. ‘ඊ.නිව්ස්’ වෙබ් අඩවියේ සේවය කරමින් සිටියදී අතුරුදන් වූ බව පැවසෙන මාධ්‍යවේදී ප්‍රගීත් එක්නැලිගොඩ සැඟවී සිටින බවට කරුණු අනාවරණය වෙමින් තිබේ.

    ඒ අනුව ප්‍රගීත් එක්නැලිගොඩ මහතා ජනාධිපතිවරණය පැවැත්වුණු දින කිහිපය තුළ දඹුල්ල ප්‍රදේශයේ පදිංචි ඉනාමළුවේ රාජා’ නම් පුද්ගලයාගේ නිවෙසේ පදිංචිව සිට ඇත. ඔහු 1971 ජනතා විමුක්ති පෙරමුණ විසින් මෙහෙයවූ කැරැල්ලට ද සම්බන්ධ අයෙකි.

    අනතුරුව මීට සතියකට පමණ පෙර මහරගම අමරදාස නැමැත්තෙකුට අයත් දඹුල්ලේ පිහිටි පොහොර, ඇට හා බීජ වර්ග අලෙවි කෙරෙන වෙළෙඳ සලට තවත් අයකු සමග පැමිණ ඇත. තවද මාධ්‍යයට සම්බන්ධ අයකුවන සිරිපාල කඳුමුල්ල නැමැත්තා හමුවීමට පැමිණි බවට ද කරුණු අනාවරණය වී ඇත. මීට දින දෙකතුනකට පෙර එක්නැලිගොඩ මාතලේ වහකෝට්ටේ ප්‍රදේශයේ පිහිටි දේවස්ථානයක ලැගුම් ගෙන සිටින බවට ආරංචි ලැබී තිබේ.

    මේ අනුව ඔහු සිටින ස්ථාන මාරු කරමින් කුමන හෝ හේතුවක් මත සැඟවී සිටින අතර එය අතුරුදන්වීමක් නොවන බව කියයි.

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