Petition to release General Fonseka & clash between rival political groups

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The Supreme Court has received a fundamental rights petition that seeks the immediate release of General Sarath Fonseka from custody. The General’s wife Anoma Fonseka and secretary of the Democratic United National Front Sharmila Perera filed the petition this afternoon (Feb. 10).

The respondents cited in the case are the Army commander, the Defence Secretary and the Attorney General. The area near Hulftsdorp Courts Complex, where the Supreme Court is located, was the scene of a clash between rival political groups earlier in the day.

Supporters of Gen. Fonseka, who had gathered there to protest his arrest, were attacked by a group said to be led by ruling party politicians. Riot police had to intervene and fire teargas to disperse the unruly mobs.

United Socialist Party leader Sirithunga Jayasuriya who was a participant of the protest, lost consciousness after inhaling the teargas. He was taken to a nearby church, where a doctor attended to him and he soon regained consciousness.


8 thoughts on “Petition to release General Fonseka & clash between rival political groups

  1. General Sarath Fonseka will face immediate court martial for treason and he can be jailed for up to five years, Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa said in an interview published today.

    Rajapaksa, a brother of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, also told Singapore’s Straits Times that Fonseka had planned to impose military rule and his candidature in the presidential election that he lost was backed by the US and Norway.

    Speaking candidly but harshly about Fonseka, Gotabaya rubbished claims that Fonseka played a key role in the military victory over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in May last year. “What he achieved we could have done with any other commander. There were better officers.”

    Fonseka was arrested Monday after being charged with conspiring against the government of Mahinda Rajapaksa, his former friend, and creating rifts in the army. Fonseka’s supporters have denied the charge.

    The younger Rajapaksa, who as defence secretary oversaw the war against the Tigers, said Fonseka would be charged under the Army Act. “Under the Army Act, any officer can be charged under military act within six months of leaving the military. There are other things we will do under civil code.”

    He went on: “The court martial will begin immediately after the assembling of the summary of evidence is done. I don’t know how long it will take because that depends on lawyers. But we want to finish it soon. In less than six months maybe. The severity of the charges is very high. He can be put in jail for as long as five years.”

    Rajapaksa said Fonseka worked with politicians and tried to win them over while holding the Chief of Defence Staff assignment. “This was completely wrong because he was sitting in Security Council meetings. It amounts to treason.”

    “He was planning military rule… He was completely trying to isolate the politics and take the country on a different path… In his very last stages as army commander he began bringing his people into Colombo and his regiment, positioning his senior regiment people all over… All these things were looking like a military coup,” said Rajapaksa.

    The president’s brother accused a section of the West of conspiring with Fonseka, who has accused the Rajapaksa brothers of war crimes in the military campaign against the LTTE.

    “We are 100 percent convinced that Western countries with vested interests were backing him. Even the US, and countries like Norway, spent lots of money on his campaign.

    “I have proof of the Norwegian government paying journalists to write against the government,” he said. “They have vested interests and used to support the Tamil Tigers in various ways. They also supported Fonseka to try oust the government.”

    Rajapaksa also linked Fonseka with the chilling January 2009 murder of Sri Lankan editor Lasantha Wickrematunge.

    “We know there was no other person (involved). You have to see the circumstances. Some of the media people harmed had never criticized any other person except him or people close to him. Nothing happened to those who had been criticizing me or the president.

    “We have a clue whom he has used (in the killing). We are very convinced. In fact, I know for sure. He was definitely responsible for five or six cases (of disappearances) where media people were involved. Now I am going after the people who did the executions. The truth will come out very soon.” (IANS)

    1. chintaka,

      Why on earth did you want to quote Gotabhaya’s personal views? SF can and may be punished only after he is found guilty after a full-scale inquiry.

      I am not so sure whether Gota can make the final
      judgment himself, considering the manner things
      are going on in our country.

      But you always seem to be highly excited on political matters. C-a-l-m d-o-w-n. Don’t argue like a fool
      like you always seem to do.

    1. Annonymous ,
      Truth is everywhere. Who is with sri lanka and against sri lanka? Who want to mess the greatest opportunity we got after 30 years to head for development. Tourist are coming in and all those protest and making sri lanka unstable. Every party want to be in power but they don’t understand only one party can do.They say democracy is not there and in the same way they break the democracy by asking not to abide by law.This is exactly LTTE wanted. Mahanayeke thero was no where when country was in trouble other than releasing statements.Is Karuna or pilleyan asking for a war tribunal against Sri lanka? do They go against state? SF got it trying to win presidency at any cost. if he can get he will sell sri lanka for presidency. He show his colors.By the way Gota have used the right man against ltte and this quality is not a good one but right one against terrorists.Did you know that SF wanted 400,000 army, He wanted every district with a army camp. did you know he is the one blocked IDP release.I hope every sri lanka see the truth.

  2. chintaka,

    You say Mahanayaka was nowhere when sri Lanka was in trouble.

    Yes, you are right.

    He is very wrong. He should have gone to the battlefield at the time. Now, when Mahinda has won the war, Mahanayaka has become too talkative. 🙂

    1. When ranil sign the pact with LTTE where was Mahanayaka thero.
      When America giving money to Buy MP’s where was Mahanayaka thero.
      When opp MP’s demoralize Army where was Mahanayaka thero.
      When Lasantha was killed by SF goons where was Mahanayaka thero.
      When international community attack sri lanka where was Mahanayaka thero.
      when GSP+ problem came where was Mahanayaka thero.
      when MP’s cross where was Mahanayaka thero.
      when ranil topple the Gov where was Mahanayaka thero.
      When chandrika take the ministries where was Mahanayaka thero.
      when SF betray country where was Mahanayaka thero.
      when 1500 brave army personals dies due to SF’s ego ,where was Mahanayaka thero.
      When mahanayaka thero issue statement against Prabhakaran.
      When mahanayaka thero gettogether when bombs are exploding every where in sri lanka.
      It sounds like mahanayaka thero is also working with hate as MR not listening to him. Is that the Buddhas teaching. Can he ask any one not to come to temple as mahanayaka thero don’t like him. is that the Buddhism.

      1. Exactly. Mahanayaka should have waved his magic wand on all these occasions. How nasty on his part not to have done so?

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