SriLankan Airlines staff gets new look

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SriLankan Airlines introduced a whole new experience on ground and in the air with a change in the uniforms.

SriLankan Airlines CEO Manoj Gunawardena said: “We’ve struggled to stay airborne during the past two years. In the process we didn’t deliberately set out to do anything new and revolutionary.

In fact we were often thought to have lost focus of our customers. With these wide ranging and sweeping changes we now reassure our thousands of customers that they certainly are our focus. We are changing their travel experience in a multi-dimensional manner and stretching the boundaries of hospitality”.

“We’re striving to reach the next level of customer service by voluntarily asking the globally reputed airline rating organisation Skytrax to conduct a full audit of our customer experience. The audit is in progress and will run for several months, as the Skytrax team travels on board SriLankan flights in all regions, and evaluates every aspect of customer service and our product.

“I’m proud to say that refurbishment and re-fleeting are on the cards in the near future thus reflecting our vision to achieve a five-star status not in terms of size but quality onboard service”, he added.

SriLankan Airlines will continue this journey of new discovery with more comfortable seats on board with more leg space and flat bed seats in the business class. Trimmings and trappings on board, like the seat covers will also change to give a completely new look and feel to the experience of travelling with SriLankan Airlines, which aims to be one of the best in Asia.


6 thoughts on “SriLankan Airlines staff gets new look

      1. Siva knows that his mother was working as Sri lanka airlines staff. Siva should learn to respect people. Name of Siva sounds like Tamil and as i know Tamils know how to respect ladies.

  1. chintaka,

    I don’t know whether siva is Tamil or otherwise. You can’t go by the name. My friend Sivali is called siva by all his friends.

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