Cariah puts Lankan commentators in trouble

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This new west indies cricket player, Yannic Cariah from Thinidad will surely put Sinhalese cricket commentators and fans in trouble.

This upcoming Windies player is currently playing for their Under 19 team in New Zealand and has promised a lot for the future, not only with his playing but with his surname, specially for the Sri Lankan public. It will be quite tough for Sri Lankan commentators and quite a spectacle for the cricket lovers when this guy grows up to represent the Windies First Eleven, ha?

Imagine the commentators going like this…

කැරියා හතරේ පහරක් එල්ල කලා….  කැරියා හයේ පහරක් එල්ල කලා….  කැරියා උඩ පන්දුවක් අත හැරියා…. කැරියා දැවී ගියා….

Click here to view the Yannic Cariah Profile (facts and figures)

Yannic Cariah scored 110 (not out) against Sri Lanka U-19 team in Under-19 World Cup, New Zealand. West Indies U-19 team won this game by assuring the 3rd place of the world cup. click here to view the scorecard


2 thoughts on “Cariah puts Lankan commentators in trouble

  1. During my childhood days, village boys used to have a hearty leaugh whenever I spoke in English, using the word carry on. As time went on, it gradually faded away.

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