Letter from General Sarath Fonseka to Ranil Wickramasinghe

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Gen. Sarath Fonseka, in a letter to UNP Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe, has asked him to work for long term national objectives without resorting to short term requirements. The letter has pointed out a large number of undemocratic moves that had been committed in the country in the past.

Gen. Fonseka in his letter has emphasized that all forces that cherish democracy should be united to confront the undemocratic state that has sprung up in the country.

He has stated the most appropriate way of confronting this menace is to broaden the unity among the parties and organizations that came together at the presidential election

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13 thoughts on “Letter from General Sarath Fonseka to Ranil Wickramasinghe

      1. Ha..ha.. nice education god for parliament.. thawa SF wage saththunge nam tikakuth add karanam elakiriwage thiyei…:D

    1. aney pala pakayo yanna tho hituwada tho ugath kiyala…tho mahindata kade yana wesige puthek netnam puka dena ekek…anik eka tho hitanawada thoge moda takattiru mahinda ugath kiyala..

      1. angoda indalada awe? 😀 Shaaaa.. SF tama galapena kollek ne. thawa tikak kiyamuko balanna thawa wachana dannawada kiyla. 😀

      2. Chinthaka: feeling really ashamed like you bastards in SriLanka, you guys have a shocking happiness having SF in jail. WTF you f**er have done to this country to insult a great war hero. thota baninna me dala thiyena wachana honda wadiy gon thakathiruwo

      3. SF is a fucking moron now begging Ranil to save him from the humiliating defeat. This scum sucker must be stoned to death.

      4. Nadun,

        See .. It prove that i am correct and dumb fools like you who cannot face my criticism get furious and attack me rather the facts.It is real fun to see these fools behavior including nadun(Nadan nadun) and manjooooola pereiraaaa. they have same characteristics SF has. Their sport to SF make him more weak and shame to see the people behind war hero but no wonder behind war traitor.

  1. SF should have contested as an Independent Candidate and should have solicited the support of JVP, UNF & other parties. Contesting under JVP brand will not bring him any benefits , as poeople belonging to a particular party say will vote for that Party’s candidates only. The Presidential election where SF contested was a contest between 2 notable giants, so it does not compare in general election.

  2. me letter 1 dzone eke admin paka liyala denna athi. ane yako danwath okunta puka dena 1 nawathapan. SF kawadawath rate president wenne na, wennath ba. nikan kalugale oluwa gahaganne nathuwa hitapiyaw. MR ta puluwan una nam okkoma organiz karala LTTE 1 winasa karanna SF mokek da? SF kale MR ge orders kriyathmaka karapu eka. MR orders nodenna SF karanna yuddayak koheda? hithe amaruwata yuda rahas eli karanawa kiyala pake talks dunna nisa ne dan oya balla wage hira karala inne. thopi wage gon hatha kochara ka gahuwath pela pali giyath, e bari nam ginithiyagena marunath MR wenas wenneth na, karannath ba. wadak athi deyak karapan. SF ta sup 1 dena unge comments balala podi aathal ekak araganin, SF ta banina unta banala thawa atal ekak ganin. echara tamai karanna puluwan 1ma de. (ado Dzone admin ponnaya, ponnayek nowe nam me comment 1 thiyapan)

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