Detention of Fonseka analogous to illegal detention of winning candidate in Myanmar

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The main Opposition party the UNP which issued a statement on the arbitrary arrest and continued illegal detention of Gen. Sarath Fonseka , the Presidential candidate at the last Presidential candidate said , Gen . Fonseka’s detention is akin to the illegal detention of Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar after the elections.

The Govt.‘s strategy was to preclude Gen. Fonseka who won the last Presidential elections from going for litigation against the allegedly fraudulent election results published by the Govt. The Govt. ‘s vendetta against its rivals and opponents are so vicious that it has even started punishing police officers who performed their duties duly during elections , but did not fall in line with the Govt.’s orders.

The Govt. which charged Gen. Fonseka of conspiracy to topple the Govt. , has now dropped these charges, while the other indictments are those not coming within the Army Act . This is proof that the govt. is keeping the General in custody on false and trumped up charges

It is a fundamental right of any citizen to contest an election after his retirement from the Govt., civil or military service .The Govt. cannot charge him for that .

The UNP urged the immediate release of Gen. Fonseka . The Govt. in its witch hunt cannot victimize him .The Army Commander must apologize to the General, and the Govt. must be ever grateful to him for the unique services he rendered to the country by defeating the terrorists. Not any of the so called self proclaimed patriots of the Govt. however loudly they may shout from rooftops can take his place, the UNP pointed out.

The UNP which expects to come to power at the upcoming elections will immediately release the General who is illegally detained, the statement added.


26 thoughts on “Detention of Fonseka analogous to illegal detention of winning candidate in Myanmar

  1. It appears to me that the arrest and detention of SF is contrary to law and so unlawful. I don’t wish to elaborate on it since it has already been elaborated and it is clear to anybody with a bit of gray matter in his skull.

    In any event, SF does not deserve to be treated in this manner by the Executive. It is obvious to anybody that the whole exercise is matter of personal vendetta with the addition of the desire of being in power at whatever cost, at the cost of democracy, good governance or whatever.

    Well. Even if you assume, without, of course, conceding, that SF is guilty, he deserves a Presidential pardon, which could be effected by one stroke of the pen.

    1. Myanmar is a problem for west and senator. suki is Muppet of America.Myanmar is self sufficient with food and sri lanka import rice from Myanmar.If SF come to power sri lanka could have been Somalia.SF Should apologize to the nation for the damage he did to Army and nation. He proved that he is a man who can do any harm for the nation for his own benefit and still continue to play so. See how he arrogantly neglect UNP to form alliance with JVP. And snake has poison on his mouth but in SF it is every where. Giving pardon is a good move but i have doubts on his Gratitude.

      1. chintaka,
        it is not worth replying to a dumskull like you who think that Myanmar is an ideal democracy with an ideal good governance. It is a country which I have been to.

      2. amen to that senator….!this guy doesnt have any clue of what he’s rabling about. the fact i find amazing is that the majority of people in SL does not even attempt to use the brains under their thick skulls to keep aside the views of politicians and what they say and to venture on their own personal viewpoints of the situation based on fact and history. SF did a herculean task, took a bomb for the country and now its all done for his personal agenda so they say. back in 09 we were all up in arms for him but not anymore….

      3. Senator, Can you tell me any place having ideal democracy?. It is very childish statement. See still you cant see. your mind is one track and you believe that any one who goes against current Gov is good.I have been to democratic countries you warship as well as Myanmar which u hate.See how happiness index before you praise west.western democracy has given lot more destruction than freedom to many countries today.US tried to implement it in sri lanka and continue to do so. i never respect a man who is hiding from law and supporting to hide from law.Sf protected danuna and he helped him to escape.Money found on mrs thilakarathna’s lockers tell something. you say MR regime is corrupt and is it proved? and can you tell me SF is not corrupt. your arguments are hypothetical. I have criticism on MR but it is not a reason to criticize SF i rate as most undemocratic and uncivilized man who betray the forces as well as created split with in army. Hero can be a traitor and traitor also can be a hero. but it is all till truth comes out.I don’t ask you to support MR as i don’t support MR.SF should have been clean himself before trying to clean his boss. Also i don’t respect any one who try to hit from behind while working together. Apply to u r self and see.

      4. chintaka,

        I was concentrating on the contents of this news report, not other matters.

        Anyway, to my mind, democracy is democracy, whether western or eatern. Certainly, it has its inherent weaknesses. But I am not aware of any better form of governance. You seem to be aware.

        I find that addressing you is a waste of time, energy and space.

      5. chintaka,
        Whether MR is corrupt or SF is corrupt is another matter. I am taking about the manner in which he is detained and tried. You are talking ‘yanne koheda – malle pol’.

        You have been always that way. That is why it is useless talking to you.

      6. Senator, i always address motives behind. 😀 malle poll 😀 good comment. read it again and try to understand. 😀 he..he..very good..

        do you expect you will get the answer you preferred when you ask questions.Be democratic before preach will not get what you want and some times answer may not understandable. It depend on the maturity or education.

      7. chintaka,
        I don’t wish to declare my maturity here, I mean, agewise. In all likelihood, it is very much higher than yours.

        I say the same thing with regard to my education as well.

      8. see.. buy the way glad to see you that you know my age and education and i am really happy to hear that you are much educated and much matured person than me and i respect you on that and i noticed that you have good disciplines which couldn’t see from many readers in the blog. it is one reason me to answer you. On the other hand i need to understand the things and maturity comes with experience. look at Mr.Athulathmudali or Mr.kadiragarmar(Best man we miss unfortunately). I am quite surprised with such a good education you are supporting some one who use filthy language to address meetings and you have to switch off TV when it telecast(by irresponsible media) to prevent your kids absorbing those words.

  2. Yes. In view of what is stated by me above,the situation in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, is just the same in this particular context.

      1. chintaka,
        We are not talking about Danuna. Please read the caption here and the contents of the report. They have nothing to do with Danuna.

        Your foolishness is obvious when you say ‘your hero is a thief’. You have come to a conclusion even before the court. You seem to have decided it, after having listened to all the evidence for and againt even before the court has done that.

        It is useless to discuss with you who only repeat like a parrot what Kurakkan uncle and and his Medamulana clan say.

      2. chintaka,
        May I suggest this. First make a clay statues of Kurakkan uncle and his clan. Then, offer flowers, pol thel pahan, handunkuru, etc. in the morning and before going to bed daily.

      3. chinthika, before you point fingers at danuna, why don’t you explain why your mahinda horapaksa continues to keep that murderer and drug dealer kudu mervyn silva in his cabinet without allowing justice against him??? He has committed so many crimes but he continues to be a minister. SF the hero is thrown in jail over false charges. Welcome to MR’s plastic democracy

      4. senetor, is hilarious to see your statement. so what you say is if MR rob why not Danuna..ha..ha.. then MR will say Yakooo.. Mama janadipathi … mage yatathe hitapu hamudapathige baanata ohoma gahanna honda nam mage putha kohoma gahuwama mokada kiyala.


        dont make foolish statements. SF or MR who ever rob it is a robbing.investigation should not matter who did first 😀

  3. යොෂිතයා දේශපාලනේ කරන්නේ හමුදාවේ මොන නීතිය අනුවද දන්නේ නෑ…. හෙන ගහපිය මුන්ට !

  4. there are more gota & lalith weerathunga… both are government servants… government means not UPFA.. so thy cant support to UPFA political activities… where’s law for them !!!!!!!!

    No ” LAW” in SL, only having a “LOW” and “FOLLOW” when “BALLOW” ruling the country !

  5. mun 2/3 illanne rata hadanna nemei.. uge 6 years ewara unama prime minister wela thama chirath kalayak wejabenna !

  6. People dont rgue with MR’s supporters coz they are all idiots who never will be able to see the truth and never accept the truth as MR and crew. when he complete his 6 years our people will understand the truth but then they are so late to do anything….. 60% of srilanka nations are thinking like as chinthaka. so after 6 years we will ended up with nothing as a country… but MR family and his crew will ended up with so much money. if they are saying a G.SF is a thief so then wt can we call to MR ?, coz he stole most of the money in tsunami period… no body is rememeber those things. thats the problem is Sri Lankans….. people should respect to each other who has done great job to save our country..without G SF’s planing and maps toward our war they’ll never be able to finish this war..they should appriciate and respect to our real hero.. not to somebody who nicely sit and eat in the executive chair….

    1. SF become commander because of MR. Sf got every thing he could have get from MR and tried to hit from behind. It is the KALAWADDA theory. Gota timely reacted.Majority of the people know the truth. but some childish crooks only cry. 😀

  7. Dear SF supporters, don’t waste your precious time arguing with MR supporters since they have another big problem other than foolishness, that is to protect people belong to their class. You know what kind it is…rather lets discuss a way how to stop this election malpractice and save our country! What a dangerous situation we are in!!!

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