Kalu Ganga child victim Amila passed away

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Amila Sandaruwan Fernando, the child who was allegedly thrown into the Kalu Ganga by his mother and was in the Intensive Care Unit of the Lady Ridgeway Hospital, died yesterday morning. “Sandaruwan was in a critical condition and died at 11:00 a.m.,” said the Hospital Director, Dr. Mahanama Rajamanthree.

The four-year-old boy, said to have been thrown into the river by his mother due to poverty on March 11, was rescued by a lorry driver. He was transferred from the Kalutara Nagoda Hospital to the Lady Ridgeway Hospital where doctors battled to save his life for days.

According to Police, the suspect, the 30-year-old mother had confessed to throwing the child into the Kalu Ganga after failing to abandon him near the Kalutara Bodhiya sacred shrine because the child had come crying behind her and that she was unable to look after him

A mother of five from a village for tsunami victims in Panadura, she had made a living out of selling lottery tickets near the Panadura Super Market. Her husband had abandoned her and she had faced utmost difficulties in taking care of her five children.


13 thoughts on “Kalu Ganga child victim Amila passed away

  1. I feel, it must also looked at from the mother’s point of view. Deserted by husband, having to look after 4 (or is it 5?)children (according to news reports), she must have gone from desperation to madness.

    Why not? At ‘salaya’ 500g at Rs. 120/130, Ambul kesel at Rs. 80/85 per kilo, I might have done the same thing if I were in her position.

    The cost of living has become unbearable. Rulers seem have the attitude of King Luis the XVI of France and his queen, ‘If you cant afford bread, why not eat cake?’

    And we are all aware how finally all that culminated in France.

  2. as per you, this should credit to the MR’s account. also this type of things improving as a disaster ! main thing is economic problem. secondary “Law”

  3. How can a mother do this? I can understand if she jumped to the river with her baby, in desperation. But she saved herself and killed her child. No mother in her right mind can do something so horrible. She herself has said, that the litte child followed her calling ‘Amma’ ‘Amma’. He was looking for his mom for security, Oh!..how cruelly she crushed that little flower. The sweet, innocent face that streamed tears even while lying in hospital bed unconscious. How many of us hugged our children when we saw the images of the little baby floating in the water. His babyness was so obvious. I cried when ‘Swarnawahini’ spalshed the beautiful poem in his memory in Sinhala. It was about ‘How he would have hid under the waves of the river, if he had known that his mom would go to prison for the crime’. Yes..I totally agree..only a child in his innnocence would be so forgiving and a MOTHER (or father) in her undying love for her child.

    1. dharshini,

      You ask, ‘how can a mother do this?’
      I have given the answer above.

      Ordinarily, a mother cannot do it. But, she was so desperate (in the given circumstances). It is just one step from desperation to madness. So, she became mad. And any mad one can do this kind of thing.

      The mother was not ‘in her right mind’, to use your own words.

      And so, you cried on seeing it on TV? Mere crying won’t do. Just think. What made that poor mother do this kind of unimaginable thing?

      Can’t you see, there are so many mothers in our country today, who are in a similar plight? Why has it so happened? Who is responsible for it?

      1. so …you are justifying that Bitch (said to be a mother)……

        if that Bitch cant maintain the child she would have to gave him to child care or ask help from the someone else..

        there are milions of mothers who facing enormous difficulties than this Sinhala Bitch…Do they also trow their babies into the rivers?

        pls dont be pathetic…

  4. senator

    You are so stupid……..while many many Sri Lankans are mourning over the child, you are talking on the reasons……..whatever the reasons may be ….we as humanbeings are very sad over what happened to this little flower.

    1. sugee,

      I am mourning and sad, too. While being sad, I am seriously thinking of why it happened and how such events could be prevented in the future. Call it stupidity, if you like.

      And you can keep on mourning and being sad throughout your lifetime. That would indeed be wisdom as opposed to stupidity! 🙂

  5. Amila Sandaruwan son left this world yesterday. But he left with us strong message about the life and our duties as human. Some grate people rescue him from the river water and some helped him to re-breath, keep his heart beat alive for 9 days round the clock, also we all had pray for him day & night to get back to his life, but…. it must be his time to go.

    He will never hate his mother, if he would have got better, his first word also must be Mother (Amma). But his mother can’t afford to give him food and the other basic needs upon his request. Pls. think and act quickly whenever your getting chance to help a small children and poverty. Mainly love your children, show them how much you care, they wants to feel it, be with them as much as you can and teach them not to waste the food, because in our country lots of kids are in hunger.

    Lastly I will bless Amila Sadaruwan son and his soul, to find a lot more better home with loving father & mother in his next birth, he may not face this kind of tragedy any more on his journey to Nirvana.

    Also try to spare two or three minute from your busy life, to call your mother to thank her and convey your love for saving us looked after us giving love & kind may be with great difficulty. The father, who makes anything available for us, and giving love, care along with safe atmosphere.

  6. May he rest in peace! Sadly, with the way our economy is heading and the blatant lack of disregard for the living condition by the current regime, I’m afraid this might not be the last time we hear about something like this. The cost of living is a real issue, it’s killing our people and driving them to do inhumane things like this.

  7. who is this idiot senator…
    lamai nethi ponsiyek da mu?
    hithe podi daruwekuta adarayak nethi ekek…

    nodakin me wage ponsi dial luth lankawe innawane

    thuk nodain…

  8. I agree with darhsini.

    I feel for this little boy. He still had tears in his eyes. May he rest in peace now.

    That broke my heart, he still follow his mother after she tried to abanded him. Children have unconditional love for there parents. How parents walk over there children. That bitch doesn’t deserve to be called a mother.

    Even though the women came from a poverty stricten country. it doesn’t give people a right to kill there children because they can’t afford them.

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