Sri Lanka rejects visa for Akon

Bookmark Sri Lanka rejects visa for Akon

The government has decided to reject a visa for popular international R&B singer Akon to perform in Sri Lanka over allegations leveled against him regarding a controversial video which showed scantily clad women dancing around a Buddha statue.

Akon was to perform in Sri Lanka next month and a major tourism drive was also launched to bring down fans from Asia for the concert.

Earlier in the day the Tourism Minister had also met with other officials involved with the concert to discus concerns raised over one of his videos.

However, Lasantha Samarasinghe Director of Platinum Entertainment, the organizers of the Akon concert said that he has not been officially informed of a visa being rejected for the singer.

Akon is featured in the video ‘Sexy Chick’ by David Guetta and the making of the video shows bikini clad women dancing around a Buddha statue near a pool. Buddhist monks had called on the government to cancel the concert on the basis Akon appeared in the video and the video degraded Buddhism.

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16 thoughts on “Sri Lanka rejects visa for Akon

  1. fuck MR… this is not good for sri lanka… are they going to leave alone ?????? without the world ??? this is a joke…..

    1. We love Champika Ranawaka…We want Mahinda to be replaced by Champika Ranawaka..So we can have corrupt free efficient Buddhist goverment

      1. You wish. It’ll be his brother Basil. I am also pretending to be a born-again-Buddhist.

        P.s : Buddhism is about tolerance and compassion not extremism. Which we showed to the whole world we don’t have any. Cuz we are PURE ARYANS…oops sorry I meant to type Sinhalese Buddhists. Hail MR..Hail Champika too if it please you.

  2. ane me rate haamuduruwonta gahanawa,maranawa.wada denawa………..aththa kiwama pahuwenidata maranawa………….tharjanaya keranawa…………maha lokuwata akonta enda denne na……..mewata hina wenne natuwa mona keraida wena ratawal….

  3. ado kariya milroy, tho hithan inne me rate inna anith eunuth tho vage ponnayo kiyalada? AKON ballage hevanallakvath me ratata vatenna denna yako me rate inna molayak thiyena minissu! tho me rate inna ona ballek nevei yako. pala gihin AKONge ata2 leva kaka hitapan. pahara balla… DAMN BLOODY AKON!

  4. Oh he deserves that… I even don’t like him personally aside from his music..
    The way he treated her ex Gf. that’s not fair..

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