Government to give Voting rights for mental patients

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Over 750 inmates of the Angoda and Mulleriyawa mental institutions are to be given voting rights from next year, Director of National Institute of Mental Health Dr. Jayan Mendis told to News Reporters

Dr. Jayan Mendis also said that a decision has been taken to arrange National Identity cards for these inmates within a month. Accordingly the Ministry of Social Services and the Department of Registration of Persons will work with the hospital staff to achieve the task.

The address of the hospital community house and the address declared at the time of admitting the patient will be used in perfecting the requirement of vital information on the applicant. Daily Mirror


12 thoughts on “Government to give Voting rights for mental patients

  1. මුන්ට පිස්සු … ඊට පස්සේ අපෙන් එකෙක් ඔනෙ කියයිද දන්නෙ නැ පාර්ලිමේන්තුවට… අපේ හොඳට ඉන්න උන්ටත් පිස්සු වට්ටන්න මුන් යන්නෙ….

    මීට… චුට්ටක් පිස්සා…

  2. The majority in our country are really mental patients. That explains why the present government is in power.

    Granting voting rights to a few more residing at Angoda would not make much of a difference. 🙂

    1. Yes yes.. you are right. yes yes ranil gei tilvin gei ponsekagei pisso tika amathaka unada. If you forget you must be in angoda. also need to put mervin.

      1. chintaka,
        From what you write here, you seem to have voting rights and have voted in favour of the present government. If that is so, one can gauge your mental condition. 🙂

        No offence intended, please.

      2. Chinthaka you must be one of the few mental patients who have been presented with these rights huh? so let me congratulate you! ….. Nimrod..!
        Offence intended, please.

      3. Senator,chami…I am proud to say that i did not vote for the present GOV or OPP or any man in parliament or any electorate but president to pay gratitude to the service he did.But it doesn’t mean that i will vote him again.All my voting is with blind voting like you guys do. By the way according to the psychology every one have psychological disorders. So I may have..but one track mind set is clearly shows your sickness.Read your mind. or write all + and – you will find . do swot analysis and show us results.

      4. obviously u cant vote for him again cuz the constitution allows only 2 terms for a president, so it goes without saying i guess…. dat remains unless he decides to change the constitution, which seems like a probable scenario. for the man who had the audacity to remove the “Katharagam Dewala” from the “Dewala panatha” clearly seems to embody a holier than thou outlook in his life, in order to satisfy the ones around him at the expense of the tax payers and such. I dont understand the whole “kalaguna salakana” crap cuz it was a collective effort. if the war was the case of his second term presidency, the soldiers should be given a bit more rather than for the man who did not step into the war zone…”I dont vote for either” thats what they all say man, and then comes the election day and “shazam!” ur in the polling booth satisfying ur fundemental views… everyone is leaned towards one side, no one is truly neutral! and i think ur psychological state is a bit more demented cuz u seem to spell FONSEKA as PONSEKA…. U?? Bipartisan?? highly doubtful.

      5. First.. Fonseka was in the war Front Ponseka is in politics.For any one betray party i used to say ponseka..So fonseka is a ponseka. All who cross belong to same category.

        Why “Kalaguna salakeema” MR set the goals. he setup the right team. Used people as much as possible for the common goal. Drive all the forces strategically against International pressure as well as internal conspiracies.

        It is exactly DB wijethungas plan and MR executed very well.

        Last 30 years MR Did something remarkable to the nation and he deserve the praise for it.In the same time that it is example for other politicians to learn that if you need to be in power you have to do right things.

      6. Correction ..

        Last 30 years only MR Did something remarkable to the nation and he deserve the praise for it.

  3. Chintaka,

    Oh! Now I understand. You didn’t vote this party or that party, most probably because you do not have voting rights. Don’t worry! Under the scheme proposed by the government, you will soon get voting rights. 🙂

    1. 😀 … Seems you are assuming. your assumptions are worse. Angoda guys would do better than that.nice to see your idea ha..ha.. all who dont vote, dont have voting voting rights :D…

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