Intensified Campaigns to release General Fonseka

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Six people including four monks from the People’s Movement demanding the Release of General Fonseka on Saturday commenced a fast unto death opposite the Fort Railway Station calling for the immediate release of the former Army Commander Retired General Sarath Fonseka currently under military custody.

The monks claimed the General who freed the country from terrorism should not be held behind bars. On the same day General Fonseka’s wife, Anoma visited the Dalada Maligawa in Kandy to make a vow to invoke blessings on General Fonseka, who is said to be suffering from ill health.

Meanwhile, General Fonseka’s younger daughter, Aparna Fonseka is scheduled to arrive in the country today to visit her ailing father. Sources close to the Fonseka family said Aparna had insisted on arriving in Sri Lanka due to the General’s deteriorating health condition. Sunday Leader


4 thoughts on “Intensified Campaigns to release General Fonseka

  1. There is absolutely no legal basis to hold SF in custody pending trial. There is no question of interfering with invesgations by him if he is released.

    If there is any fear that he may leave the country, the goverment can easily prevent that. It is possible for the government even to monitor his movements and activities after being released.

    SL government should not act in the manner of Myanmar junta by keeping opponents isolated for long periods if we call ourselves a democracy.

    1. Senator, no need to do that .. let him be in jail. GOV don’t have to be fear and no need to monitor movements.

      Sri lanka don’t need any more damages. He should have taken to custody long before.

      Tough actions should take any one try to betray country.Selected GOV has right to decide what is good for the country.Do not listen to some jokers. I don’t want to see this filthy mouth again on TV or in society. I don’t want to say to my kids ” That man speak in stage with dirty language is a war hero” So better keep him inside until international pressure relaxed.

      1. chintaka,

        I am extremely sorry to note that you are such a dumskull not to know what is normally meant by,
        * rule of law,
        * law and order,
        * democracy,
        * human rights,
        * freedom of expression, etc., etc.

        You seem to be just another living animal like cat, dog, horse, etc. not living in the HUMAN SOCIETY IN THE 21st CENTURY. 😦

  2. @ Chintahaka,

    Sri Lanka doesn’t have a Government, It’s justs a Family Business.

    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand whats going on. 🙂

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