General Can Go Home by apologizing to President, Gamini Lokuge

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Sports Minister Gamini Lokuge has said that if General Sarath Fonseka apologized to the President and requests a pardon from him, he would be released within 24 hours without a necessity for holding any false sathyagrahas and fasts organized by the JVP.

Mr. Lokuge said this at a UPFA election rally held at Delkanda in Nugegoda (2010/4/3) & telecasted on Sirasa News First on the 4th of April.

“The JVP says it would work to get Gen. Fonseka released. They say they have come forward to contest the election to get Gen. Fonseka released. No one needs to come forward to get Gen. Fonseka released. If he begs pardon from the President he would be released tomorrow morning,” said Minister Lokuge.

According to Minister Gamini Lokuge all charges the government has brought against Gen. Fonseka would be annulled when the General begs pardon from the President. The General would be freed of all conspiracy or fraud and corruption charges then. lankatruth & lankanewsweb


12 thoughts on “General Can Go Home by apologizing to President, Gamini Lokuge

  1. In your dreams Lokuge. People will jump to the streets and burn the government properties if this traitor and enemy of people, Fonseka was released. UPFA will loose my vote if he was ever released.

    1. tho nam kala weddek ma thama…. mihiha neda army eka lead kare war eka dinanna.. nettam thoge MR da ?

  2. What the hell is going on here? If he has broken the law of the land, who is MR to forgive him. He might be the president, but he is just another citizen. This is all a vandetta

  3. Gamini has a point. All the charges against General SF are fictions to Cage him. So if he beg pardon in front of King for Standing up, to represent the general public, who has brains & who wishes the well being of mother Lanka,
    he has a chance of going home. Be with his wife n children. Danuna also will be relieved of charges if he agrees to donate something for Namal’s cursed ‘nil bala ka-maya’.
    Good luck Lanka amma… i will also consider migrating. Ur name will be changed to ‘Mihin Lanka’ not ‘Sri Lanka’ Hv a prosperous future with Dr.MR, Dr.MF n the blind, deaf children of yours. Will pray for u! May God bless u! Bye.

    1. after ending all the problems we had with terrorism and now you are hope less. it sounds like you do not like the freedom we have now. you want intervention ..but it will not happen :D.

    2. Nim do not let politics to run your life. life is not politics. no politician can satisfy your hopes.Your hopes can be achieved by your self positive and work hard.

  4. even sf dies,he will not appologice from a corrupted politician.he is a soldier,not a corrupted politician ,like lokuge !

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