General Election Results

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Island wide Final Result (Updated 2010/4/20)

United People’s Freedom Alliance
4,846,386 60.33% 127
United National Party
2,357,057 29.34% 51
Democratic National Alliance
441,251 5.49% 5
Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi
233,168 2.90% 13

National List Allocation

| UPFA 17 | UNP 9 | DNA 2 | ITAK 1 |

Final Result

| UPFA 144 | UNP 60 | DNA 7 | ITAK 14 |


12 thoughts on “General Election Results

  1. Where’s fonseka’s 5.5 million votes.. LOLLLL… Now fonseka will have to commit suicide LOLLLL

    1. if he do not control his mouth and ego..he will lose mp post too…

      see the speed of loosing..unbelievable . i think MR supported SF by keeping his mouth shut , keeping him under arrest. other wise he would get nothing.

      see sf could have easily become the leader of UNP. he should have taken the deputy leader post and kick Runil out and be the leader of UNP.He is damn stupid man to choose wrong side all the time.

    2. Kalawadda u r stupid !!!! u r a political stupid … u also saying general had5.5 million votes !!! we also sid it early !!! so u can imagine how MR is thief ….MR never build our country !!!! MR will build only his family !!

  2. Now SF is just an MP and thats it. With no political experience he is no better than Sanath Jayasuriya or Paba. SF no longer a political issue in Sri Lanka. What Chinthaka said is somewhat right. He should have taken deputy leadership of UNP when offered. At that time everyone in UNP wanted Ranil out. So he could have excellerated to the leadership in no time and UNP is a party with very good foundation laid by ppl like DS Senanayaka. He could have been the next president of SL from UNP. Now with no hope, his political career is jeopardize. He should better off going back to USA for his sake.

    1. I am really worried about the capability of ministers.It is going to be same bunch of jokers. All ministers are looking for a post to do something for them and best thing they can do is giving up ministries for the sake of god to serve country. That is the best thing they can do. Well educated wise people should be in a cabinet. but most of the cabinet ministers are just good on debates but not in planning.. they cannot think about tomorrow. no strategic thinking. planning and Administrative capabilities.knowledge of monitoring and control.thugs and popular speakers.I am not happy to hear that 40 ministers and and only two new faces in the cabinet.Mr should not do that. should not afraid to select right people rather than incapable thugs or head aches for the people.

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