New Year Greetings

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Message of President Mahinda Rajapaksa

This is the first New Year being celebrated in harmony and contentment since the motherland was unified.

It is my belief that these New Year festivities should seek to further unite our people in heart and mind. The New Year celebrations by Sinhalese and Tamils alike are most appropriate in recognizing the kinship among us. This is the continuance of strong cultural traditions that strengthen the bonds among the people of our land. The government has carried out all necessary measures to bring the joy and meaning of the New Year closer to the people. To this end we have sought to bring prosperity to the nation through agricultural development and encouraging an ethical way of life. The true spirit of the New Year should be felt most by our children who make up the future generation. It is our responsibility as a nation to teach them the best values and traditions preserved through thousands of years and bestow upon them the cultural heritage that has enriched our nation. Towards this end, it is my wish that every household will carryout the New Year traditions with hope of auspicious beginnings for the future.

I trust that this Sinhala and Tamil New Year which reflects the unity and pride of our nation will be celebrated by all in the spirit of joy, peace, sharing and contentment which will lead us to a future of prosperity.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!

The President’s Media

Message of General Sarath Fonseka & DNA

We wish you all a happy Sinhalese and Hindu New Year. All Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslims have been able to celebrate in peace and harmony the first New Year that comes to us after ending the brutal war that destroyed lives and property of our people for three decades.

The people have been able to celebrate the New Year without the painful sounds of crying, pangs of sorrow, free of terrorist attacks without fear or suspicion and with a feeling of freedom. We should fondly remember the masses of this land and war heroes who sacrificed a lot to achieve this victory for the Motherland.

Despite the whole country being united and free to celebrate the New Year I, who strived hard to achieve this victory for the people, have been denied my freedom. My wife and our two children are unable to celebrate the New Year as a family. However, I have no regrets regarding that. I’m glad that you have been able to celebrate New Year joyously as a result of my efforts to bring peace to our Motherland. It is indeed necessary to determine to defend this freedom in the future as well.

General Sarath Fonseka


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