Sri Lanka to implement Mobile Number Portability

Bookmark Sri Lanka to implement Mobile Number Portability

Sri Lanka’s Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) has called for consultancy services to suggest ways to introduce mobile phone number portability that will allow subscribers to switch networks while using the same number.

The TRC published a note on its website inviting expressions of interest from companies by May 20, 2010.

It said the TRC had got a grant from the Institutional Development Fund of the World Bank to “develop its knowledge base and implementation capacity, enabling it to design and implement Mobile Number Portability.”

The consultant will be selected in accordance with World Bank guidelines. The consulting firm will assist the TRC in establishing the regulatory framework for implementing Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in Sri Lanka.

“This is intended to facilitate and maintain effective competition among the mobile service operators with the ultimate goal of providing a cost-effective, efficient service while improving the quality of service to the benefit of consumers,” the TRC said. lbo

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4 thoughts on “Sri Lanka to implement Mobile Number Portability

  1. Mobile number portability widely used in Europe, Australia and in far east. This is not a major thing which require international consultancy. Mobile operators need to fine tune the already existing concept to match local requirement.

  2. I would like recommendations on (or to be contacted by) who the best 5 Consulting firms who could qualify for the consultancy & implementation of a mobile phone number portability solution to Sri Lanka as our company would be interested in representing them for this project.
    Ramya Perera
    General Manager Business Development
    Infotechs PL
    BlackBerry:+94722278837 (roaming)

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