Airtel reduces Roaming rates by 99% and IDD by 60% to India

Bookmark Airtel reduce Roaming rates by 99% and IDD by 60% to India

Bharti Airtel Lanka, a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel, one of Asia’s leading integrated solution providers today announced the launch of its most affordable Roaming, IDD and GPRS Solution to India against current market rates. Leveraging on its global efficiencies of scale, Airtel offers Sri Lanka’s annual Indiabound travel population of 100,000, with a 99% benefit on roaming rates and a 60% benefit on IDD calls to India.

Under the new offer, all Airtel postpaid and prepaid outbound customers can retain their local numbers when roaming on Airtel India and enjoy incoming call rates at Rs 2 and outgoing call rates to Sri Lanka at Rs 25.

In addition, local calls within Indiacan be made at Rs 4, which is at a 96% discount to market. GPRS roaming, which hitherto, could only be accessed at Rs 1000 per 1 MB on other networks, is now available at Rs 65 per 1 MB on Airtel. Further, in Sri Lanka, customers who subscribe to the service can dial IDD to any number in Indiaat only Rs 2 per minute.

This establishes Airtel as the only service provider to deliver the most affordable Voice and GPRS Roaming and IDD rates ever experienced in Sri Lanka.


One thought on “Airtel reduces Roaming rates by 99% and IDD by 60% to India

  1. It is time for switching. I have waited long with dialog but giving up everything just for number does not make sense.

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