The Birth, Enlightenment and Parinibbana of Buddha

On a full moon day in the month of May (Visakha) 2600 years ago was born a Prince named Siddhattha.

His birth took place at Lumbini (modern Rumindei in Nepal), where his mother Mahahmaya, the chief queen-consort of King Suddhodana of Kapilavatthu, rested with her royal retinue, on her way to her parental home in Devadaha.

In the below picture Queen Mahamaya stands under a flowering sala tree holding on to one of its branches.


Discarding both extremes of luxurious living and self mortification, the Bodhisatta Prince chooses the Path of Moderation (Middle Way) based on the practice of virtue (sila), concentration of the mind (samddhi), and the intensive analysis of all psycho-physical phenoinena that finally leads to full understanding of things as they really are (panna). Seated under the Bodhi-tree at Buddhagaya He attains Samma Sambodhi and becomes the Supreme Buddha.


he Buddha was born as a prince under a tree, gained Supreme Enlightenment under a tree and wandered about India for 45 years giving His Teaching to the world, and finally passed away at the age of eighty at Kusinara, under a tree.



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