Letter to Hillary from Apsara

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Apsara Fonseka, daughter of General Sarath Fonseka, has handed over a letter to the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton last Friday.

This letter was handed over to Hillary Clinton’s assistant chief of staff a few hours before foreign Minister Prof G.L Pieris’s scheduled meeting with the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on Friday in Washington DC. Apsara Fonseka and three other Sri Lankans, who are co- founders of the Mission Sri Lanka Foundation rights organization have signed the letter.

The letter stated that Sri Lanka was seriously mishandling current foreign policy which will lead to disastrous consequences.

The letter states “China, Russia, Myanmar, Iran, and Libya have now become the government’s closest allies. The projects funded by the Chinese government dwarf all other bilateral aid. In February 2010, Russia gave 300 million USD credit to Sri Lanka, most likely the biggest such donation ever given to Sri Lanka, even compared to the days when the Soviet Union gave assistance.

The Sri Lankan government continues to purchase arms when the country has a surplus of weapons and 150,000 soldiers who could deal with any potential future insurgency. Most of these arms purchases are from China. It is reported that the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) is now making attempts to embrace North Korea for the country’s military needs”. This letter also stated that the government is illegally detaining former Commander of the Army, Gen. Sarath Fonseka.


8 thoughts on “Letter to Hillary from Apsara

  1. You are a real Bitch we got after Ranil, Handover ur faking husband to police bitch, Fuck you son of BITCH

  2. hay fuking muuda.,

    You want MR to fuck whole nation and keep shut mouth ??? it can be done may me your mom..and sisters..but brave people doesn’t they are trying to scqueeze balls of MR and get hit back…you are having a sick of against foreign skins..not the policies..your fucker MR responsible for these.

  3. Hillary Clinton already knew that US President Barack Obama has taken a 3-trillion loan from China. They are waiting until the Chinese government pass the next loan for them.

    By considering the present US situation, Apsara have done a bad thing by including China on the list.

    As someone said before, I think the first thing Apsara should do is, handover her husband Danuna to police and try to get her father released. He is detained by the Military (may be uselessly) for the robberies that her husband has made under his name (may be with his help or not…we don’t know.. up to court to decide after capturing Danuna).

    Apsara should have advised by someone that Hillary Clinton is the US secretary of states, a lawyer and the wife of former President of US, AND NOT A BABY who can’t understand that you are a wife of a criminal who the Sri Lanka police is trying to arrest.

  4. I very much agree with the comment above me, the internet is without any doughtgrowing to be the most important medium of communication across the globe and its due to blogs like this that information is spreading so quickly arround.

  5. Thanks for such interesting post as I have been able to discover here. I agree with most of what is written and I’ll be coming back to this website again. Thanks again for sharing this material.

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