Only 100 seats for Sri Lankan public at IIFA

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Sri Lankan public will get 100 seats at the India film awards venue in the island’s capital, officials said, though hundreds of millions of rupees of public money is being spent, including to spruce up the venue.

The International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards ceremony will be held at Sugathadasa stadium later this week.

“Only 100 seats would be sold to the Sri Lankan public,” minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardana, told reporters at a media conference organized by the tourist board on IIFA.

“We have reserved 2,200 seats for Indian fans, while 400 seats will be reserved for Sri Lankan VIPs.”

Under the allocation Sri Lankan VIPs would get 14.8 percent of the seats, while the public would get only 3.7 percent of the seats. Officials did not say whether the VIPs would pay for the seats.

Minister Abeywardana said the government is spending 400 million rupees to refurbish the Sugathadasa stadium for this Saturday’s event.

Sri Lanka is hosting the 11th IIFA, while last year’s event was held in the East Asian island of Macau.  The event will be broadcast to a 600 million global audience via prime cable television operators across 110 countries.


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