Office 2010 launched for do better and do more

Bookmark Office 2010 launched for do better and do more

Launched worldwide recently, Microsoft Office 2010 is set to take the technology we know and us, the user to a whole new level. With radical improvements on applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, Office 2010 is the technology for the future.

“There have traditionally been a set of features on Office that users have come to depend on. What Office 2010 has done is take these favorites and make them even better. Microsoft Office has been the productivity standard for quite some time. Features like Copy and Paste and the Ribbon toolbar—which were breakthroughs when they were introduced—have now been further enhanced. Advanced new capabilities have also been added that will become the new standards in productivity for the future”. said Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne, Country Manager, Microsoft Sri Lanka

The benefits Office 2010 offers also goes far beyond standard improvements; features like broadcast Slide show, Linked notes and Co-Authoring allow for quick sharing of information and a truly enhanced ability to work independently, while still maintaining a cohesive overall company view.

Over the years, the improvement in Microsoft technology has seen companies grow from strength to strength. The developments in efficiency, connectivity and quality have enriched lives around the world. As Office 2010 flies into the eagerly waiting hands of Sri Lankans this month, the nation gears up for better productivity, efficiency and results – the age of technology is now!


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