LTTE attempting to Regroup in Sri Lanka

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Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne says that the LTTE was trying to make contact with former rebel members who had been released after rehabilitation in the north and said that the LTTE had its sleeping cells in Colombo.

Premier Jayaratne speaking in Parliament today said that the rebel group’s intelligence wing members are at large and they aim to go north and east in order to be among people who would be resettled soon.

According to the Prime Minister, LTTE cadres have begun to earn money by carrying out clandestine operations for underworld elements in the south.  He added that the LTTE’s international network has made arrangements to provide funds and other facilities to the remaining LTTE cadres.

The premier emphasized that the LTTE had smuggled a large number of firearms used by them to the South, and there was a danger of such weapons falling into the hands of civilians being resettled in North and East.

“They are in the process of stepping up their local activities in order to regroup,” said Jayaratne, adding that some 77 LTTE suspects had been nabbed during May alone

The Prime Minister further said that the government was aware of attempts by former Tamil Tiger rebels to regroup locally. The remaining LTTE cadres still harbor dreams of winning a separate land and it was clearly manifested when the LTTE flag was hoisted in Philadelphia in the US during a session on forming a transitional government of Tamil Eelam from May 17 to 19, he said.


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