ADSL & Broadband charges to go down

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The government has focused its attention towards reducing ADSL and Broadband Internet charges in the island.

Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) Anusha Pelpita said that discussions were already underway with phone companies and other relevant institutions in that regard.

The aim of reducing these charges is to increase the number of ADSL and Broadband Internet service users. According to the TRC, these charges are currently expensive.

Meanwhile, the TRC has decided to implement a programme to develop high speed Broadband Internet services which would encompass the entire island.

The TRC chief also noted that this project would be implemented to cover all electorates. The cost of the endeavour is estimated at 150 million US dollars and is due to be launched next year. World Bank is to provide the aid for the purpose.

The TRC chief added that tenders for the purpose would be called at an international level.


16 thoughts on “ADSL & Broadband charges to go down

  1. Oh man, Airtel’s plans are very attractive. Mobitel will definitely come up something better or equal. As usual Dialog will introduce the changes in unique big-bang fashion but neither Dialog nor customers will understand that.

  2. They should develop the communication infrastructure, before lowering the charges. When more users connect to the network due to the lowering of price, the network’ll become nearly unusable!

  3. Airtel plans are attractive. but check that article again. u can see this,

    0 – 15GB Rs 999
    More than 15 GB – Rs1499

    upto 15GB its ok. but if ur usage is 16GB, u have to pay additional 499 for that GB. i know its unlimited after 15GB s. but there’s a prob in that transit.

    overall its better than competitors tariffs. but they are yet to reduce !

  4. I most certenly liked this angle that you have on the subject. I wasnt thinking on this at the time I started browsing for tips. Your ideas were totally easy to get. Happy to find out that there’s an person here that obviously understands precise what its is talking about.

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