Mervyn Silva’s Grave Ready

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Deputy Minister of Highways Mervyn Silva reserved his grave site today when he visited the Borella Cemetery to commemorate the 23rd death anniversary of famous singer H.R. Jothipala.

The Minister who was standing near the grave site of the late singer amidst a small gathering of people suddenly took everyone by surprise when he said he wanted to reserve his own block as the future was unpredictable.

Minister Silva then walked over to an empty block, close to the later singer’s grave and said he wanted to reserve it for himself and told his secretary to telephone Special Commissioner for the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) Omar Kamil.

After a private telephone conversation between Mr. Kamil and Minister Silva, the Minister returned back to the crowd and said he had informed the CMC of his reserved block.

“If I could, I would even purchase my coffin now. Unfortunately I do not have space to keep it in my home,” Minister Silva said.

He added, “Everyone has to die someday. The future is very unpredictable. People can have money, but this does not matter. Money cannot prevent death. Therefore I am not afraid to die,” the Minister told the crowd.

However Mr. Kamil said that Minister Silva had telephone him to speak about his mother’s matter who had passed away a few months ago and not about himself. dailymirror


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