Nokia launches Dual sim phones to tackle Chinese

Bookmark Nokia launches Dual sim phones to tackle Chinese

Softlogic, Nokia sales agent of Sri Lanka want to preserve market share by winning back customers from Chinese brands with the launch of handsets that can connect to two networks, an official said.

Recently the have launched C1-00 phones in Sri Lanka priced at 7,500 rupees.

“The main objective is to compete against Chinese dual SIM phones,” Rajeev Gooneratne, national sales manager at Softlogic Communications said.

“Everyone was going behind the Chinese phones because of the dual SIM option and from 2009 we got a lot of request from customers for dual phone.”

The firm also launched the Nokia X2 mobile phone priced at 20,500 rupees, this week.

Two SIMs are popular amongst low-end mobile users mostly in developing countries who switch operators to profit from the cheapest calling times of different packages.

Sri Lanka has an estimated handset market of about 100,000 mobile phones per month, of which about 15 to 20 percent are believed to be grey imports. Nokia sells about 60,000 phones a month, Gooneratne said.

The C-100’s battery has a standby time of six weeks, the longest battery life amongst all Nokia phones, a statement from Softlogic said.

Despite the benefits of a bigger brand most Chinese phones come with options like television, radio, touch screen and external memory slots as standard features, which are not available in most branded phones.


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