Government roped in Opposition Members, UNP suspends talks

Bookmark Government roped in Opposition Members, UNP suspends talks

The UNP has decided to suspend talks with the government on constitutional reforms claiming that the government was using the talks to draw opposition members to the government side.

Recently two Members who had entered Parliament through the UNP ticket, Democratic People’s Front’s Prabha Ganesan and National Union of Workers leader P. Dhigambaram joined the government.

When UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe entered into the most recent round of discussions with President Mahinda Rajapaksa, one of his main request to the President had been not to encourage any more defections from the opposition to the government.

However, a government source stated that if Opposition members were willing to join the government, the President would not be able to stop them forcibly. “Why not take maximum advantage as we need only a few more for a two thirds majority in the House,” the source queried.

The UNP alleges that the government had roped in opposition members by using the talks as a tool and is now attempting to seek the support of more opposition members in order to secure the two thirds majority in Parliament.


2 thoughts on “Government roped in Opposition Members, UNP suspends talks

  1. Senator.. it is a problem of power… when u don’t have power balance this tend to happen.Before go to negotiations and discussions, Ranil should have bargaining power to get some thing out of discussions.he do not have power no influence Gov.Ranil thought that mahinda invited him due to a threat and split in the SLFP.he miscalculated this time. weak party will dilute on imbalanced negotiations. I think Gov has done enough mistakes in a short period, but cant see opp is aware of it or handling it.UNP need a party manager with very strategic thinking.It is all about management.Ranil was a good manager but now his tactics are outdated.Cant see any good one behind the party now.

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