Controversial No Ball of Suraj Randiv

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During the last one day match with India requiring one run to win and with Sehwag on strike just one shy of his century, Sri Lankan off-spinner Suraj Randiv bowled a massive no-ball, overstepping the popping crease by a few feet.

Sehwag, who hit that ball for 6, was denied a century because the no-ball offence was committed first, and it raised wide spread speculation especially on Indian media that it was a deliberate ploy to deny the batsman his hundred

Sri Lankan team manager, Anura Tennekoon who has initiated an inquiry into the incident on the orders of Sri Lanka Cricket said that he had no plan to discuss the issue with umpires and match referee.

“it is an internal enquiry and all connected with the Sri Lankan team will be questioned. However, I have no intention to discuss the issue with the umpires and match-referee”, he said before conducting the enquiry.

Tennekoon admitted that it is difficult to prove whether it was a deliberate move though the bowler has already offered an apology “But I shall look at all angles” he said.

“The match was over the moment the umpire declared it a no-ball and hence awarding six-runs to Sehwag is out of the question”, Suresh Shastri, one time ICC umpire said. “Had Indian team required two or more runs, Sehwag sould have got the sixer”, he added.

Randiv later apologized to Sehwag while Sri Lanka Cricket ordered Tennekoon to launch an inquiry into the incident as there were allegations that the no ball was a deliberate move to stop the batsman’s century.

With Suraj Randiv and Sri Lanka Cricket apologising for the deliberate no-ball which denied Virender Sehwag a hundred in a tri-series match last night, the BCCI today decided against pursuing the matter any further.

The Board made it clear that it had no intention of lodging a protest with its Sri Lankan counterpart.

“Of course not. We are not thinking of lodging any complaint. These things happen in cricket. What is there to take up? Did New Zealand take up with Australia when the under-arm incident happened,” a Board source said.

He was referring to a 1981 incident when Trevor Chappell, on instruction of his brother and Australian captain Greg Chappell, bowled an under-arm delivery to prevent New Zealand batsman Brian McKechnie from hitting a six from the last ball to tie the match.


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