3 Million subscribers for Etisalat

Bookmark 3 Million subscribers for Etisalat

In an extraordinary accomplishment, Etisalat has announced an impressive 3 million subscribers.

This remarkable pronouncement comes at the heels of Etisalat’s recent massive expansion drive covering 480 new 2G sites; effectively taking Etisalat’s standing in the island to the top spot in 2G coverage, with a total of 1580 sites,  including all urban areas as well as steady expansion to the North East.

Since its launch Etisalat has seen a 24 % growth in subscriber base with a significant increase in market share, making it one of most powerful players in the telephonic arena in Sri Lanka.

Etisalat Lanka Director CEO Dumindra Ratnayaka said Etisalat’s subscriber base has increased by 600,000 within this year.

Etisalat is also planning to set up 515 new 3G stations in many parts in the country shortly. It will provide all facilities for customers such as internet, mobile TV, high speed browsing among others.

Etisalat continues to offer a variety of VAS, sales offerings, affinity packages and other service, putting them on top of the ladder concerning innovation, quality and customer service.

“There is extreme competition in the telephonic sphere and we will be able to attract a number of customers by offering quality network and qualitative products at the right time and it’s vital to have sound infrastructure facilities to boost the country’s economy and we are bound to assist the development drive in the country”, he said.

“When compared to other regions, Sri Lankan customers are able to get a mobile call for Rs 1 or Rs 2 and it is extremely low,” Ratnayaka said.


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