FaceBook to be regulated in future

Early this year, Facebook lovers were shocked to hear of a possible ‘crackdown’ of their favourite social networking site, with the consultation of Chinese cyber experts who have already been challenging the Google search engine.  A week later, it was reported that the government had ordered the suspension of this project.

Recently, this news has resurfaced in the wake of several incidents of privacy issues reported to the Women & Child Bureau (WCB) of the Police. According to some electronic news sources, a leading school in Colombo has threatened students using Facebook with punitive measures as serious as expulsion.

As reliable sources report, there is a possibility of this popular social networking site being regulated in the future, and relevant measures are already under way. Unarguably, Facebook is becoming increasingly popular, not only among Sri Lankan youth, but also adults.

In line with global trends, users find it a useful tool to be networked with new friends as well as old classmates whom they would hardly encounter again in real life. Young filmmakers with no capital, find this an indispensable tool for advertising.

Even moneyed segments of society are enthusiastic fans of Facebook, as both President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Sarath Fonseka used Facebook for presidential election propaganda. As such, is Facebook that evil? Is it a menace to be cracked down? nation


One thought on “FaceBook to be regulated in future

  1. There are some foolish ones among school teachers as well.
    Fire, knives, etc., can be as dangerous as Facebook if you use it in a dangerous way.

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