Daya Master appointed as Director

Former LTTE‘s Media co-ordinator, Velautham Dayanidhi better known as Daya Master has been appointed as Director (News) of a private TV channel.

Daya Master told that he has assumed duties in the new post in the ‘Disc Asia Network (Dan TV) ‘ channel which telcasts Tamil programmes.

The TV channel, a satellite station could be viewed in other parts of the world as well. The network has been operative since 1997 focussing mainly to Middle Eastern and European countries.  The owner of the TV station was earlier operating a newspaper known as Eeelanadu from France. from sundaytimes


3 thoughts on “Daya Master appointed as Director

  1. Daya Master appointed as a Director of a TV channel,,,Gen. Fonseka was appointed as a Traitor!!!and striped his ranks and still jailed!!!But these traitors and terrorists are getting use to their usual activities again,,,and the SL gov. is doing nothing about these Traitors,,,jst insane!!!….Just Bullshits happen now in SL!!!WARRIORS FOR PRISON AND TERRORISTS FOR TV CHANNELS!!!F**king aweasome!!!

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