2nd Court Martial sentences an imprisonment for Sarath Fonseka

The second court marital hearing against former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka has recommended that he be sentenced to a prison term not exceeding three years a short while ago.

When the court martial, probing charges of irregularities in military procurements during General Fonseka’s tenure as Army Chief, convened Thursday, the defence has closed the case and made the final address to the Court without calling up any more witnesses.

Following the defence closing, the prosecution has also summed up its case to the Court.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa will have to sanction the prison term.

The first military court earlier found Mr. Fonseka had engaged in politics while in uniform and stripped him of all his military ranks.


11 thoughts on “2nd Court Martial sentences an imprisonment for Sarath Fonseka

  1. It’s by no means a suprise at all.. We foresaw the fate of this war hero since the 18th amendment was brought up.. We can hope no democrasy furthermore in Sri Lanka… We all have to keep in mind that this is just a mere smell of imperialism, and the best is yet to come.. Whatever power is grasped by dictators, the culprits will have to bow before their deserved consequences one day, and they cannot escape from natural law.. As Sri Lankans, we know what is exactly going on and will exactly continue in this country… They say they gonna make Sri Lanka the wonder of Asia, but no one knows by which means it’s gonna be executed.. We hope it will be a positive wonder unlike these political wonders taking place here presently.. May it be not a hope only !!

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