90% fail Year 5 scholarship exam

The primary education system has taken a downturn with many primary school teachers complaining that they can’t handle the wide syllabus that have been newly formulated. They charge that the National Institute of Education (NIE) does not consult any teacher representatives before formulating syllabus and as a result children have to suffer.

Meanwhile, plans are afoot to scrap the Year Five scholarship examination and to hold an examination for a higher grade. This comes in the wake of nearly ninety per cent failing the year five scholarship examination held this year where results were released earlier this week.

Nearly 30, 000 children have got the opportunity to enter a better school while the overwhelming majority, around 90%, failed the exam. The ministry of education has decided to award a certificate to all students who have scored over 70 marks. Minister of Education, Bandula Gunawardane told the media about plans to hold the exam for year seven students.

However, education trade unionists and officials at the NIE dismissed this idea as being a quick-fix measure to a more serious malady prevailing in the education system. They charge that until the government improves schools around the country, parents will keep on pushing kids to pass whatever qualifying exam is set up in order to gain entrance to better schools.

They further charge that the other malady affecting the education system was the new primary school syllabus which has been designed without consulting teachers, the new teacher assessment system which has reduced teachers to mere typists or book keepers , and the inability of the authorities to assure students of a satisfactory secondary education.

Education authorities claim “the present syllabus for primary classes has been designed by the NIE without consultation with teachers who are responsible for implementing the method at ground level. This has led to the creation of a syllabus which cannot be properly completed in the allocated time. The syllabus was created to build skills and to move away from the traditional method of taking down notes but because the syllabus is so wide teachers have resorted to giving longer notes than ever before, defeating the purpose for which the new syllabus was meant.” The syllabus is impossible to cover. from lakbima


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