Cabinet Decisions of Last Week

Decisions Taken at the Cabinet Meeting held on 20010/10/20

1. Reactivation of Atchuvely Industrial Estate – Jaffna with Indian grant of Rs 174 million

this Industrial Estate  covers an extent of 65 acres of land belonging to the Industrial Development Board (IDB). This was established in 1971 in the Jaffna District to provide  infrastructure facilities for the small and medium industries.

Due to the conflict situation , the 36 factories which were operating in the area were severely damaged. 

The Ministry of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development has   planned to reactivate this  Industrial Estate with the assistance of the IDB and BOI.

Government of India has agreed to grant Rs.174 million and the GOSL will provide Rs.25.0 million.

2. United Nations Industrial Development Organizations (UNlDO) – Phase III  – 2010-1014 – Country Programme for Sri Lanka – with USD 7.7 Million

This country programme proposes a total of seven projects .
It has estimated that a budget of US $7.7 million would be required for the following two main components of the country programme:

(i)    component 1 – North and East – Support Sustainable Livelihood and Productive Activities through Private Sector Development.

(ii)    This would promote micro industries in the North and East Region, increase agricultural productivity and promote rural income generating activities, fisheries industries in the North and East Regions etc.

(ii)     component 2 – increase the competitiveness of industries and reduce poverty through the introduction of  environment friendly technologies etc. The relevant agreement will be signed by the Ministry of Finance and Planning

3. The Project for the Re-building of Rural Livelihoods and Community  Organizations in Kilinochchi District – at a  of US $5.0 million

is to be provided by the Korean International Cooperation Agency

This project will strengthen the community based organizations and Develop Infrastructure facilities for agriculture, irrigation and livestock sector

And also provide the required inputs for farmers.

The donor will provide financial  resources and the Government of Sri Lanka will provide staff, services and other  facilities needed for the purpose.

4. It is proposed to establish a Military Footwear Manufacturing Facility

This will be as a joint venture between the Government and a reputed private sector footwear manufacturer, through  Lanka Logistics and Technologies Limited

The joint venture initially concentrates on manufacturing footwear required by the Armed Forces, Police and other law enforcement agencies the total quantity  needed is about one million pairs per year.

5. Establishment of a National Police Academy by an Act of Parliament

In view of the need to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance of law and order, the Ministry of Defence has considered it necessary to enhance the capacity of the Sri Lanka Police Department.

For this purpose a permanent National Police Academy is to be set up by an Act of Parliament.

This academy  will be equipped with necessary expertise from various fields such as law, criminology, investigation, public relations, forensics, information technology and management.

Cabinet approval was granted to instruct the Legal Draftsman  to draft legislation for the purpose.

6. Provision of Infrastructure Facilities for School Dental Clinics at a cost of Rs 118 million

At present there are 473 dental clinics in schools of which 170 are in National Schools and 303 in Provincial Schools.

The total number of children covered under this programme is about 650000, annually.
Cabinet approval was granted to renovate  the relevant buildings and dental clinics,
A sum of Rs.118  million has been estimated for the purpose. The project will be implemented in  2011 and 2012.

7. Embilipitiya Paper Mill of the National Paper Company , Kantale Sugar Industries Limited (KSIL) Ceylon Ceramic Corporation are to be revived

Cabinet approval was granted to call for Expressions of Interest from domestic as well as    foreign  investors to develop these industries as a Public Private sector partnership program as part of Govt’s program to revive the government industries as govt owned enterprises without privatizing them

Prof. Ariyaratne Athugala
Director General of Government Information



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