Plans to disrupt the forthcoming UNP convention by taking legal action

In a new UNP twist in the tale, UNP MPs who are clamouring for reforms charged that certain MPs very close to the UNP leader are planning to disrupt the forthcoming annual convention by taking legal action so that the much ballyhooed reforms will not be ratified.

The UNP’s 2010 convention should get underway on December 12. The party’s Working Committee adopted the reforms to the UNP Constitution but they have to be ratified later at a Convention.

The majority of the Working Committee members and UNP MPs are fighting for years to change leadership; nothing seems to be happening while Ranil Wickremesinghe continues in his capacity as leader untouched.

A UNP MP warned that members who were close to the UNP leader will not permit the overhauling of the party constitution at this convention, which has been the demand of the majority of the MPs.

He said that this group was manoeuvering to prevent the convention saying that it had been unconstitutionally convened. This court case is to be filed with the help of a prominent UNPer in the Colombo district, he alleged.

This UNPer did not attend the last Working Committee meeting where it was decided that the convention will be held on December 12.

“Now we have information to prove that these people are seeking the said prominent MP’s help to file a case which could prevent the UNP convention from going ahead”, a UNP Provincial Councilor explained.

A hint to this effect had been dropped by former UNP MP for Galle district Vajira Abeywardena while attending a wedding ceremony of a UNP activist’s daughter held at the Nildiya Falls hotel at Elpitiya last week. Abeywardene in fact had intimated this decision to UNP Southern PC member Bandulal Bandarigoda, according to reliable sources of the UNP who had also attended the wedding.

When contacted former MP Vajira Abeywardene flatly rejected having made such a comment, and said that these were only swirling rumours and mere press speculation. from lakbimanews


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