SLT PEO TV introduces Video on Demand

Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) is a novel feature introduced on SLT PEO TV platform. SVOD service was launched in December 2010 and now is available for SLT PEO TV subscribers offering Blockbuster English movies and dramas with unlimited viewing capability. Service is designed to offer convenience and choice for customers.

Customers will have the advantage to choose their favourite movies and watch them at a time convenient converting a living room to their own cinema. Movies and tele-series will be available in the PEO TV SVOD video library and customers will not be billed on a pay per view basis. Customers will have to pay a monthly subscription fee only.

Chief Executive Officer of SLT Visioncom Thusha Weerasooriya said, SLT PEO TV has revolutionised the traditional TV experience with characteristic features such as digital quality pictures, TSTV (Time Shift TV- 48 hours of content), Rewind TV (Pause, Rewind live television) and video on-demand content (VOD).

These unique features have given viewers a greater degree of control of watching what they want, when they want. To enhance customer experience a more user friendly EPG version and a few unique applications have been developed in house in the aim of delivering a better service with a new look and feel.

SLT PEO TV customers are now offered applications such as Astrology Guide, Rainbow Pages, Pitarata Jobs, Colombo City Guide, News Feeds, and Daily Weather Updates of key cities in Sri Lanka, which will be further developed into regions of the world.

SVOD content will be updated on a monthly basis to offer the best content to subscribers. The current content is from one of the worlds leading movie houses HBO. Content of multiple partners will be available on PEO TV SVOD service.

New PEO TV interface and PEO APPS services with popular internet applications are ready to be launched very soon to transform the current tele-viewing practice to a more information and value driven unique experience.

Year 2011 is planned with a bunch of new services and features to be offered to SLT PEO TV customers.


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