Nano to hit Lankan roads next week

Update 2011/05/29 –  Now It’s available in Sri Lanka. Click here to view the Price Table

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Dubbed the cheapest car in the world, the Tata Nano will soon catch the eyes of Sri Lankan car enthusiasts with 500 Nano’s in three different kinds from the Standard One, Nano CX Air Conditioner model and Bumper Body model ranging from Rs. 925,000 upwards entering the market, according to Diesel & Motor Engineering Plc (DIMO) Chairman Ranjith Pandithage.

“May 28 will be a proud occasion for Sri Lanka and DIMO when Nano enters the market because Sri Lanka will become Tata’s first export destination,” said DIMO Chairman expressing his views to The Bottom Line on Thursday in an exclusive interview.

Joining his chairman, DIMO’s Production Manager, Yasantha Wijesekera explained that the Nano would add value to the local market in terms of style and comfort.

“It’s a marvelous car having being put on the road by Tata in India about two years ago,” chipped in the Production Manager who observed that ‘it would be the first time the Nano will be going outside India.’

He dispelled fears that might exist among buyers following Nano’s unceremonious withdrawal from the Indian market last year after the car caught fire giving rise to belief that it was fire prone.

“That was only a minor scare where it is believed negligent use caused the fires,” Chairman Pandithage said with his production manager joining to reassure local buyers saying that ‘the Nano has every safety procedure guaranteed with a Bara 3 engine.’

“What Sri Lankan buyers need to know is that if there are no safety guarantees for the Nano, then it wouldn’t sell. Technically there is no issue,” Yasantha Wijesekera said adding that the Nano had been created for both the local and export market.

As to the question whether the Nano was cheaper than the Maruti-800, he said, “Importantly, we are not competing with the Maruti. That is another market.”

He said that it was not possible to give a breakdown of the Nano cars to hit the market since it was about two years ago the Nano made its entry.

While observing that the Nano would enjoy some market advantage over Japanese cars which have become expensive following the tsunami, Pandithage said, “We do not enjoy seeing an opposing market perish from a tsunami attack. But I must say we will enjoy an advantage therefore.”

Seeing an opportunity in the great number of Indian families with two-wheeled rather than four-wheeled vehicles, Tata Motors began development of this affordable car in 2003. The purchase price of this no frills auto was brought down by dispensing with most nonessential features, reducing the amount of steel used in its construction, and relying on low-cost Indian labour.

Meanwhile, DIMO last week said profits rose 379 percent to 664 million rupees in the March 2011 quarter with revenues rising 125 percent to 8.5 billion according to interim results. In the full year to March 2011, Dimo reported revenues of 29.3 billion rupees, up 179 percent and profits of 2.1 billion rupees, up 755 percent.  bottomline


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