Yal devi train reaches Omanthai after 21 years

The Yal Devi train reached the Omanthai Train station after 21 years, today. Its last journey to Omanthai was on the 12th of June 1990.  A group including Minister of Transport Kumara Welgama participated in this significant journey from Anuradhapura, today.

The Yaldevi train which travelled only up to Madawachchiya after 1990, was restricted to Vavuniya, during the final stages of the war.

It was on the 7th of June 2009 that the Yaldevi recommenced its journey to Thandikulam.

Rs. 500 million was spent to develop the northern railway line from Thandilulam to Omanthai, under the Uthuru Wasanthaya programme.

The invitees who declared open the new railway station, subsequently engaged in an observation of the site.

“We decided that if we want to construct this expediously within 2 years, we need to give IT outside, but we have to maintain our railway track. You all saw that our railway track has not been maintained properly. I need to say this openly, the stones have not  been layed properly. It it was done properly, this train would have not jerked, as the Minister of Transport, I accept this. The train bound to bound to Kandy and Badulla travels at a speed of between 5-15 miles per hour. How long will it take to travel to Badulla?” said Kumara Welgama.

Subsequent to the renovation of the remaining 146 kilometres along the northern railway line, the Yaldevi train can travel from Colombo to Kankasanthurai yet again. newsfirst.lk


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