Sri Lankan Anonymous hackers attack Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and more

Update – No complaints have been made regarding the hacking of the DNS servers of many international company websites by the Sri Lankan branch of Anonymous while no serious effects have yet to be felt following the breach, the Computer Emergency and Readiness Team (CERT) stated.

The Sri Lankan branch of Anonymous claims to have hacked into the DNS servers of Symantec, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and several other large organizations over the past few days.

Posting the news and records of its exploits on Pastebin, the group is taking credit for launching “DNS Cache Snoop Poisoning” attacks against its victims.

DNS cache snooping is the process whereby hackers can query a DNS server to find out which domain names are being resolved into IP addresses.

DNS cache poisoning is a method through which hackers are able to insert malicious and fake records into the cache of DNS servers. As a result, the hackers can then spoof a response to a DNS query, forcing users to go to a phony Web site instead of the real one.

Since DNS, or domain name system, servers maintain the records that assign domain names to IP addresses, attacks against them are especially alarming since they can compromise part of the very foundation of the Internet.

The information posted on Pastebin by Anonymous Sri Lanka shows that the group was able to scan and in some cases expose the DNS information of the companies it targeted, according to Cyber War News. But there’s no indication that the hackers were able to modify any of the DNS records that they touched.

In the record of its DNS attack against Symantec, Anonymous Sri Lanka boasts that it breached the “world’s 2nd largest software (anti-virus) leader/giant” and says that it captured almost the entire DNS pool, including the company’s corporate customers, production servers, and testbeds. The group touted the same DNS Cache Snoop Poisoning attacks against Facebook, Skype, Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, and Novell.

Beyond its attacks against several major tech companies, Anonymous Sri Lanka has also claimed DNS hacks against several groups and agencies in Sri Lanka, including the nation’s Parliament, military, and largest telecom provider.

The group tried to justify its actions in some of its comments.

Lashing out at Facebook, Anonymous Sri Lanka said that the way the social network controls and treats its members is not acceptable under any circumstances. Explaining its attack against Skype, the group claimed that the online video service is “eavesdropping the entire VoIP traffic at several nodes for sure.”

The attacks appear to have started on August 22 against the Sri Lankan telecom provider and continued on into yesterday with the attack against Skype. from


13 thoughts on “Sri Lankan Anonymous hackers attack Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and more

  1. This is not anonymous ? this is retarded. I am Sri Lankan and I guarantee you we don’t support this idiots.
    They dont even get the Anonymous Ideology.
    They released something called a “PRESS RELEASE”
    with looooot of English grammar mistakes! wtf!

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  3. bunch of kids calling them anonymous wan’t change anything
    anonymous must fight against corruption,unjust and dictatorship(current government) and terrorism(LTTE) and they must work for the good of the people of sri lanka and the world

  4. We need a change! we have lots of things to do.
    but not like this assholes! They have ruined the name of Anonymous Sri Lanka.
    that dns attack was a well known backtrack tool.
    join #anonsl (yes, real one) | Please, keep this in your mind: This channel isn’t for monkeys like this.
    True leaders don’t create followers, They create more leaders.

    Fight for freedom!

  5. wtf is dis?? u retarded assholes hu ar impersonating anonSL will be exorcised from the internet…. do ya think just a dns analysis will fuckin mean that u’ve fucked the dns servers??? lol nope ( i guess ur just a bunch of n00bs hu are messing around with backtrack u’ll never even cum close ta us)…just fuckin stop impersonating us…we warn u nd all the other script-kiddes hu impersonate our asses…. Expect us…….

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