PSY’s Gangnam Style passes Justin Bieber’s Baby on YouTube

psy gangnam stylePSY’s “Gangnam Style” is now the most-watched YouTube video of all time.

The 4:13 clip from the South Korean rapper has earned approximately 879,000,000 views since it was posted on July 15, 2012. That total passed the longtime YouTube champ the music video for Justin Bieber’s “Baby”, which has garnered 808,200,000 views since its February 2010 release.

“Gangnam Style” already set YouTube’s record for the Most Liked video ever posted to the site, with its total now standing at 5.67 million Likes and 0.36 million Dislikes. Bieber’s “Baby” clip has 1.46 million Likes and 3.24 million Dislikes.

Over the four months since the “Gangnam Style” video was posted on YouTube, PSY and his electro-pop anthem has inspired nothing short a pop culture phenomenon.

Although Bieber no longer owns the top YouTube video, the teen star can take solace in the fact that his personal Twitter account “@justinbieber” has 30.6 million followers, dwarfing PSY’s Twitter following of 1.3 million.


One thought on “PSY’s Gangnam Style passes Justin Bieber’s Baby on YouTube

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