New iPad tops in battery life tests

apple ipadAnyone who needs their tablet to have a long-lasting battery has a pretty simple choice to make: It’s the Apple New iPad. Tech Daily blog in the United Kingdom has conducted a series of tests among several different tablet models and has found that the New iPad simply outclasses other tablets when it comes to battery life.

Overall the blog found that the Retina display iPad lasted for 811 minutes surfing the web over Wi-Fi, significantly higher than every other 10-inch tablet measured. In fact, the 10-inch tablet that comes closest to matching the New iPad’s battery life is the iPad 2, which clocked in at 590 minutes.

Other 10-inch tablets that fared well in the study were the Sony Xperia Tablet S (534 minutes), the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (532 minutes) and the Microsoft Surface RT (501 minutes). In terms of 7-inch tablets, the iPad mini again tops its competitors by averaging 783 minutes of Wi-Fi web surfing, followed by the Amazon Kindle Fire HD at 591 minutes and the Google Nexus 7 at 550 minutes.

This was conducted by setting “the screen brightness to 200 nits (measured using a light meter) before performing each task, so every tablet has to perform in the same conditions.


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