Indian Gang Rape Victim Dies

Update: Indian Gang Rape Victim’s boyfriend speaks out

Indian Gang Rape VictimShocked Indians on Saturday were mourning the death of a woman who was gang-raped and beaten on a bus in New Delhi nearly two weeks ago in an ordeal that galvanized people to demand greater protection for women from sexual violence.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said he was aware of the emotions the attack has stirred and that it was up to all Indians to ensure that the young woman’s death will not have been in vain.

The victim “passed away peacefully” early Saturday at Mount Elizabeth hospital in Singapore with her family and officials of the Indian Embassy by her side, Dr. Kevin Loh, the chief executive of the hospital, said in a statement.

After 10 days at a hospital in New Delhi, the Indian capital, the woman was brought Thursday to Mount Elizabeth, which specializes in multi-organ transplants. Loh said the woman had been in extremely critical condition since Thursday, and by late Friday her condition had taken a turn for the worse, with her vital signs deteriorating.

“Despite all efforts by a team of eight specialists in Mount Elizabeth hospital to keep her stable, her condition continued to deteriorate over these two days,” Loh said. “She had suffered from severe organ failure following serious injuries to her body and brain. She was courageous in fighting for her life for so long against the odds, but the trauma to her body was too severe for her to overcome.”

Indian Gang Rape VictimThe woman and a male friend, who have not been identified, were traveling on a bus in New Delhi after watching a film on the evening of Dec. 16 when they were attacked by six men who raped her. The men also beat the couple and inserted an iron rod into the woman’s body, resulting in severe organ damage. Both were then stripped and thrown off the bus, according to police.

Indian police have arrested six people in connection with the attack, which left the victim with severe internal injuries, a lung infection and brain damage. She also suffered from a heart attack while in the hospital in New Delhi.

Indian High Commissioner, or ambassador, T.C.A. Raghavan told reporters that the scale of the injuries the woman suffered was “very grave” and in the end “proved too much.”

He said arrangements were being made to take her body back to India later Saturday.

** some web reports claiming her original photos as 1st and 2nd photos of above gallery 


36 thoughts on “Indian Gang Rape Victim Dies

  1. Looks like it is not original photoes. Please do not fun with this matter. If they are real photoes then why only one comment !!

    1. Its good to change our attitudes, reaction and proaction for rapes ! This is including the legal procedures as well. Lets talk about it rather than talking about “what was happen ? Who was there”

  2. my condolences to her loves ones.
    She didn’t “pass away peacefully’ ! She was brutally murdered in the prime of her life, in front of a man who should have protected her! -the driver of the bus. . She should have been able to live in peace. Those people, who did this, may they pay a more than just price.

  3. No matter, the picture is a fake or real one but its a fact that its not a human action. the six men have treated her like an animal, and they should not be left to live on this planet of peaceful people. And one thing, there is no reason to change laws related to women rights, in fact the six persons should be punished in a way that the rest learn from them and no one can look or even think of women in such a brutal way and instead give them respect at any level…

    1. Yes agreeing with you. Same time “Attitudes change” must be the first ! What’s the need of hanging after a raping a girl ? Respecting to the law and order also a part of your attitudes.

  4. If this pic is fake then i hope you get raped and murdered as well, If this pic is real then you are a highly insensitive dumb ass..

  5. ok the photo you are using is a fake, see here: – the picture of the girl on the right is used across the web as a ‘desi indian girl’.. poor research folks, you should use Google’s image search tool to see where else an image is used, before filling your pages with rubbish which is then reused by other sloppy ‘journos’…

    1. yes. you can be correct. but without posting a link to correct picture/identity, you can’t say it exactly. let’s talk about “stopping this kind of acts” than talking about her picture. cheers !

      1. they will never release her real identity/pics! so your argument is totally wrong!! You are disrespecting this poor girl by portraying someone else as her, plus the other person too! SHAME

      2. Either way, fake or not fake, show some respect to the dead. Or are you so insensitive that you won’t realize this until your mum or sister gets raped as well? You are suggesting that are starting a dialogue and that people should talk about this. Ask yourself if this is what the family of the poor girl wants!!

      3. Now you’ve just added more fake photo’s.!!!! None of the photo’s of the girl well, nor in the hospital bed are real. Just use Google’s image search (where you can upload an image) and you will see they have all been used well before the poor girl was attacked. WHO IS THE IDIOT RUNNING THIS SITE? I am over it and will never return… you are abusing the memory of this poor girl and distressing her poor family even more by not fact checking your content and ignoring the proof we are providing you. You should be ashamed and this site is pathetic.

    1. The face of India today absolutely stinks, but please don’t compare this with the worse situation under the colonial period. In that period, this news wouldn’t have made front page, nor would we have seen free demonstrations against such acts. I do understand your sentiment though and agree that India absolutely should hang it’s head in shame.

  6. R.I.P Estoy totalmente en contra de la violación. Pero esta noticia es falsa. . La foto en el hospital es de un joven q defendió a su madre de la ex pareja. Es real que a las mujeres las tratan como objetos en la India pero esta informacion es falsa. Dejo otro link:

  7. People like this should be made quadriplegic and be left to live their lives as a head only. Death is too light a punishment for this heinous crime. They should also be castrated, named and shamed for the world to see. I am speechless……

  8. Who cares if the pictures are fake or not !!!
    Honestly people of the world need to smell the coffee before they drink it. Get a life dudes and deal with the real issue here.

  9. We should treat each other in a humanbeen manner. Man to man, woman to woman and cross over each other.

    Crime generates hate, hate generates another crime. We can put a shelter to protect ourselve from crime but how can we put a fence to block a poison snake that already lives in our room?

    This is a very old crime but we still stuck in it for thousand years. Can we ease the tense of this kind of crime by doing the revenge to those rapers? Can we really solve things out by so badlly punishing them? Well, i belive that right at that moment another rape scene is still happening somewhere in the world even worse. If we kill those rapers then all we have is just thier dead bodies and thats all. Rape crime will happend again.

    Please can we sit back to think deeply in order to change and really change. What exactly it is? That is questons for all rather than generates another hate.

    i would like to keep my deep silence for the dead of this poor young girl. Her soul will be a a star that echos to eternity…Her sacrify is the echo voice for human kind to treat each other better…Thast all.

  10. you(Rapist) will know how its look like when u in much pain for the race of ur attire life…may god be wth you(jyoty).r.i.p

  11. We, all human, must feeling so much ashamed so that never ever again such incidents will have occurred on this earth. must raise our voices , hands, words, powers and whatever one can do to condemn such horrible act. We must all believe in humanity.

  12. People involved in this kind of event shall be tortured and hanged in some public place to prevent such inhuman acts in future. If i get the chance to fuck such gang and do the same to it as they done to this girl, i will not think twice.

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