Samsung unveils Galaxy Mega with 6.3inch screen

samsung galaxy mega

Samsung has unveiled the biggest smartphone to date – the Galaxy Mega, which features a 6.3in (16cm) screen.

The firm suggested its size made it ideal for watching videos or running two apps alongside each other. Samsung helped popularise the so-called “phablet” category – in which phones approach tablet dimensions – with its original 5.3in Galaxy Note in 2011. Analysts have deemed a ‘phablet’ is a mobile gadget with a screen more than 5inches diagonally. The word comes from blending phone and tablet.

That proved more popular than many expected, but one analyst suggested the latest device might be a step too far. The Android-powered handset’s screen offers 234 pixels per inch (ppi) which allows it to support 720p resolution video playback.

Samsung also makes the Galaxy Note 8.0. Some versions of this 8in-screened device feature an HSPA+ radio allowing them to make calls, but the machine is being promoted as a tablet with phone functionality rather than the other way round.

‘We are aware of a great potential in the bigger screen for extensive viewing multimedia, web browsing, and more,’ said JK Shin of Samsung.


However, experts are less impressed. Rik Henderson of Pocket Lint said ‘The screen size of the Galaxy Note works as you take notes – but the Mega is just a massive phone, it’s just too big.


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